V.A. Whistleblower: Iraq War Vet Leaks Photos of Abused Dogs at Richmond lab

Posted by Justin Goodman
25 July 2017 | Newsworthy


Photo taken by a whistleblower inside a dog experimentation laboratory at the McGuire Veterans Affairs Medical Center


A brave Iraq war veteran who works at the McGuire Veterans Affairs Medical Center (VAMC) in Richmond, Virginia has come forward with disturbing new details about the facility where more than 100 dogs are “set to die” in abusive and wasteful forced heart attack experiments and other painful cardiac studies first exposed by WCW and called “torture” by Richmond-area Congressman Dave Brat.

As reported by Richmond ABC affiliate WRIC, the veteran–Todd Woessner–filed complaints and went public after seeing one of the dogs covered in bloody lacerations.  He explained:

The one dog had recently had some sort of procedure done where you could see the incisions and the shaved part, and that dog was very distraught

I have seen a bowl with water and a dog heart in it

You can tell they are like scared of you, very nervous, distraught, uncomfortable

I can’t see how anybody who see those dogs, the look in their eyes, and they don’t know what is going on, they’re innocent, God’s creatures

He took a photograph to document the alarming image:

Photo taken by a whistleblower inside a dog experimentation laboratory at the McGuire Veterans Affairs Medical Center


He explained,

I don’t think it’s the VA’s job to be doing this to dog’s…I think they should be focusing on taking care of veterans.

Woessner also refused WCW’s whistleblower reward, stating that he wanted to avoid any perceived conflicts of interest and that came forward because it was the right thing to do, not to receive accolades or compensation.

The whistleblower’s union representative also reported that several other employees have expressed “concerns about the animals conditions” and that “they were seeing them in pain, distress.”

The union rep also echoed concerns that the dog laboratories are wasting resources needed to improve veterans’ care,

I have nurse practitioners that don’t have an office space…I have social workers that are tripping over each over.

They could take the entire third floor, which is huge square footage, get research out of there and utilize that for patient care….The mission of our medical center is to provide care for veterans

Watch the full WRIC exposé below:

Help end this abuse. Urge your Congress members to support the newly introduced PUPPERS Act to end taxpayer funding for painful dog experiments at the V.A. Click below to send a personalized email.

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This abuse has to stop!

Disabled Veterinarian: What gives these horrible people the right to do this to the most vulnerable in our society? Nothing!!!

This is horrible that this happens in the United States.

Please make this cruel insanity end now.

Support the PUPPERS Act

End this cruel insanity now.

This needs to stop

This needs to be stopped.

End this horrible testing now

This is pathetic and all animals deserve to have the same rights as humans. Please stop this now !


This needs to end now

Stop the torture and put the money and space to better use for the veterans please

Stop these abuse. Not acceptable. Time to take action against this and fight it.

I assume every one of the public employees involved in these acts of abuse, torture and murder do not have a pet. How could they care for a pet with a clear conscience. Shame on all of those involved.

The VA needs to get out of the research business. Period.

Please put an end to this cruelty its so wrong stop them from hurting and killing gods little animals.

Please stop them from hurting and killing this furbabies

What tbed fuck is wrong with people. This has to stop. They feel emotion and pain just like us.

Stop this it is torture

I am disgusted with the way you experiment with animals . It is terrible and cruel…it will never help humans…so stop using these poor animals. Ban this now !!!!?

Why cant we write a letter to prez trump and ask him to do something 15 million for this project should get his attention

Stop this horrific testing-these poor dogs shouldn’t have to suffer such abuse!!

No more sadistic killings

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