WCW Report Exposes Secretive Spending in Government Dog Labs

Posted by Justin Goodman
13 November 2016 | Blog, POW

This morning, the Washington Post broke the news about the release of the White Coat Waste Project’s (WCW) Spending to Death investigative report and the launch of our new campaign to expose and end taxpayer-funded experiments on dogs inside government laboratories. Our new report exposes how government laboratories are conducting wasteful, bizarre, and deadly experiments on dogs with little or no transparency about what is being done and what it costs taxpayers.


WCW will present the report to Congress at a briefing this afternoon with honorary co-hosts Rep. Dina Titus (D-NV) and Rep. Ken Calvert (R-CA).


Federal records reviewed by WCW show that in 2015, more than 1,100 beagles, hounds, and mixed-breed dogs—even puppies—were subjected to experiments in government laboratories operated by the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), Department of Defense (DOD), Food and Drug Administration (FDA), National Institutes of Health (NIH) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).  Hundreds of the dogs were subjected to experiments involving significant pain and distress.

WCW’s review also found that four of the five federal agencies using dogs in experiments—the VA, DOD, FDA, and CDC—do not publish any information about how much they spend on dog experiments, or how and why dogs are used.  NIH publishes this information, and for one of the few projects for which data is available, it spent $5.95 million since 2011 to give dogs heart attacks.  Other recent experiments include exposing dogs to anthrax, repeatedly forcing dogs to vomit, and drilling into dogs’ skulls and damaging their brains.

“Taxpayers being forced to pay untold millions for abusing dogs in government experiments have a right to know what’s being done and what it costs,” said Anthony Bellotti, founder and president of WCW. “Agencies are secretively spending to death on dog experiments that a majority of Americans want defunded and phased out.”

New polls show that 59% of Americans want to cut taxpayer funding for experiments on dogs, 75% of people want them phased-out altogether and 66% want spending information on all taxpayer-funded animal experiments to be publicly available.

WCW is calling for an independent audit of federal dog experiments, public access to all spending and project details, and closure of all loopholes that allow unnecessary taxpayer-funded experiments on dogs to continue.

You can support our work to protect dogs and end government secrecy and waste by writing your Members of Congress to request that they investigate and defund dog experiments. Click the button below to send a letter now.

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I want this action stopped entirely. It is not necessary and inhumane. I certainly to don’t work to have my money go to this inhumane action.

Stop this barbaric treatment of animals now

Please stop this horendous practice immediately!

Please stop these terrible acts of torture on harmless animals


Stop hurting these beautiful innocent animals. They don’t deserve this cruelty.

Horrible. Many non animal testing options. Must stop

Release dogs and stop abusing them! People go to jail for that!

I cant see how u could destroy a dogs life can be our responsibility putting them through such pain can help us or cause a heart attack using taxpayers money on something so bad and killing an animal for what cause

Please. You must stop testing on innocent dogs! It is barbaric and shows the evilness in mankind!

Disgusting needs to stop immediately

Please stop the cruelty against animals now!

Stop killing our animals

This abuse has to stop. Animal abuse is against the law. Hitler would do this

I agree – I want this totally unnecessary, inhumane and barberic practice to stop.

Any testing of any ANIMAL needs to stop all together. I can’t believe a person would even take part in this in humane acts of crudity.

It’s horrible that our so-called “peaceful” country does this to poor, helpful animals. Shameful.

Stope the needless torture of these poor animals which is primarily a ploy to receive government funding!!


I totally Agree!! It is such a barbaric act We need to do other things besides torture and kill innocent loving animals Shame on the USA SHAME!!!

Stop this now


I just want to know where the dogs are coming from… I have taken my beagle to the Tuskegee university vet because it was cheaper. They kept her inside about 5 hours before telling us her chronic limping was just because she was fat.

End ALL animal testing

I do not want my tax dollars used on animal experiments,they are not only cruel and consist of severe animal abuse but they are also not needed.

Do NOT waste my tax money on the torture of these innocent souls!

How are any of these tests ‘necessary’? The more ‘tests’ performed on living creatures that feel pain, the longer the ‘researchers’ can receive grants and live off of the taxpayer. Heartless. Stop.

This needs to stop immediately!! These are sentient beings, they are not for experimentation!!! STOP THIS NOW!!

Stop this barbarism immediately

This has got to stop. Unnecessary and cruel. Dogs. Cats. Monkeys. Rabbits. No more testing or torture of animals.

This is inexcusable I can’t believe our govt could be this cruel. Stop it now right now

[…] we co-hosted a Congressional briefing on Capitol Hill to publicly launch our new Spending to Death investigative report and an advocacy campaign to expose and end taxpayer-funded government experiments on dogs. A […]

Here we are using innocent animals for testing by the VA and we try to get the government to stop outside organizations from doing this, WOW! Horrific STOP this, PLEASE!! Unnecessary!!!

As a retired nedical professional, I can state with absolute certainty, that many drugs tested on animals, have later been removed from the market due to unexpected, unforeseen adverse reactions, causing, sometimes death to humans. While I am not a research scientist, I still have basic knowledge about medications, precautions and adverse reactions. I also have knowledge about anatomy and physiology . That being said, the last time I looked in the mirror, the reflxion looking back was not a dog, cat, mouse, rabbit, monkey or a fish. My point is if I don’t look like them, then I am not them, inside or out.
Government waste, animal experimentation, to be exact, is an abject failure. Like all goverment mind sets, keep doing the same thing over and over, get the same results over and over, may not work, but it has always been done this way, so there is no incentative to change. MONEY OLAYS A GUGE ROLE IN THIS

Yes Donna, THAT IS THE POINT of our effort here: to convince congress to cut off the funding for these revolting self proclaimed “researchers” who really are only one degree of separation from the torturers working for ISIS. Their chosen career provides a thrill for them. Consider that if you think you are superior inside and out when you look in a mirror. Indeed money does play a huge role, and our new administration claims to be searching for ways to trim its budget. What a great start: to cleanse ourselves of this aberrant sick behavior!

This has to end NOW!


This needs to STOP.

Stop it.

[…] week, WCW blew the lid off of secretive and wasteful government experiments on dogs with our new Spending to Death investigative report and launched our bipartisan advocacy campaign to end these abuses at a standing-room-only […]

Pls stop this cruel animal experiments


This barbaric use of animals for money must stop! I don’t know how people who do these acts of violence live with themselves!

Stop this in humane and cruel treatment of animals! It is a crime! How can we follow up? Who are these criminals? How can it be stopped? Karma will find these barbaric people !

Outrageous this is going on. Stop this testing now!!


This must stop!!! This is horrific and deplorable!!!

This must stop!!!

End this horrific and wasteful of our tax dollar!

Barbaric! Despicable! Wasteful of our tax dollars!
End this..

This abuse is inexcusable & shameful. Plesse stop taking our tax dollars to fund torture.

Stop testing on animals. It’s abusive! What a waste of my tax dollars

Mans Inhumanity to these innocent,voiceless animals needs to be stopped ! Just Pure Evil ?

Stop this carp now. Sick people..evil..how could you do this to an animal?

Is this where you want your hard earned dollars to go ??

Stop this barbaric testing on dogs

[…] often secretively do whatever they want to dogs “in the name of science” in “wasteful, bizarre and deadly experiments” with little to no transparency. Basically, they get away with murder, using taxpayer’s […]

I refese to have my tax money paid regularly and timely onto act such as the these!! This without question, horriffic acts of abuse, neglect and ultimately murder! Stop it now!!


Please help the helpless animals.They have done nothing to deserve the treatment and the worst punishment. I pray for God to bless they animals

This is just the most disgusting inhumane thing I have ever heard of. It needs to stop immediately!!!! I don’t want any of my money to go to anything like this!

Stop abusing animals,use death row inmates,you treat them better than innocent animals

This needs to stop.

Stop this barbaric practice! Animals have feelings and we are their voice.


How could they??? This MUST STOP!!! If it’s inhumane and unethical to do to humans it’s inhumane and unethical to do to animals too!!!!!

[…] often secretively do whatever they want to dogs “in the name of science” in “wasteful, bizarre and deadly experiments” with little to no transparency. Basically, they get away with murder, using taxpayer’s […]

I do not want my taxpayer money spent on the worthless, senseless, barbaric torture of innocent dogs and puppies under the fraudulent guise of science research. STOP it now!

Stop this useless and cruel testing on innocent animals. Don’t use my taxpayer money for your cruel and unnecessary torture.

this is disgusting !!!! and I can’t believe our text dollars are used to her at these poor dogs this needs to stop immediately it’s horribly disgusting hurting and killing these poor dogs for stupid experiments, STOP !!!!!!!!!!

Stop this barbaric testing on all animals. All you’re doing is taking g taxpayers money and supposedly using it to help find a cure for different diseases but all you’re doing is torturing animals for your own pleasure and using the money for your own pleasure. I think we need to do to these”dr’s” the same as they been doing to these poor animals. Stop the abuse!!! $

Is there a petition against this?

I hope this link works. All animal experiment must stop NOW! Why experiment on voiceless creatures? You already know those things have negative consequences, so why do worse than or equal to the Tuskegee experiment on these loving pets?!!!!!! I refused to work in a beagle lab years ago because I thought it was wrong… Ans they weren’t even doing worse than this! They were actually helping poor lil ones with backpain and i couldn’t do it. Anatomy is very different, healing is different. One minute of pain for us is 7 minutes for them!!!!! 1 yr is 7 yrs of torture for them!!!!!!!! Wasting money is one thing, sadistic torture, unethically, is vile, abominable, and punishable!!!! What else a wrong with America?! I am ashamed for all. Money talks till it personally affects you. STOP THIS NONSENSE NOW AND PUT IT IN CHILDREN’S PROGRAM, MUSIC PROGRAMS, ELDER PROGRAMS. STOP NOW!!!!!!!

Please stop this unnecessary torture of lab animals. They is a shameful practice and should not be government funded.

This is barbaric. The means FD oesnot justify the end. Intelligence without compassion is ignorance. Stop toruring animals.

That is barbaric!!! They don’t need to test harmful anything on if any living being including animals !!!

Stop this Inhumane treatment of God’s creatures. God is watching and so are we. Stop now.

KARMA!!!! These barbaric people need to think about that. What ever your actions are, it will come back at you, these poor animals don’t deserve to live with this abuse, and we as tax payers should not be required to pay for this evil, torture. The bible says we as humans are to protect animals, they are gods creations, not torture them. Judgement day before God will not be pleasant. I pray God kicks everyone of you to hell so you can live with the torture you inflicted on these defenseless animals.

It breaks my heart that at this day and age we as the human race could be so barberic to this innocent living creatures. Haven’t we evolved into anything better?? They feel pain just like we do and it’s so unfair that because they can’t speak to defend themselves they are tortured. Stop! Show compassion!! Give them the same right to live in this world that we have


This makes me sick to my stomach. How do you people look in the mirror without revulsion or sleep at night without nightmares. This serves no purpose except to fulfill your sadistic needs.


Stop all the experiments! These dogs need to be saved and put into loving homes.


stop immediately – this cruelty is totally unnecessary

[…] results show broad support for our current campaign to cut funding for experiments on dogs in government laboratories and increase transparency and […]

This is entirely inhumane treatment of dogs or any animals for that Matter! Why is our tax dollars being spent without the consent of the American people. I think it’s time the American people have a say in ehat their money is spent on!

This has never been necessary. It needs to stop.

We need to be the voice for these helpless animals. Their lives matter and I don’t want my taxes to pay for such horrific testing. It’s heartless.

Please stop this senseless cruelty

[…] weeks after White Coat Waste Project released its “Spending to Death” report exposing the federal government’s experimentation on dogs–and our supporters sent more […]


This needs to stop immediately! It has no benefit to human life. It’s cruel & inhumane and has Nono relevance to humans.I don’t want to support this with my tax dollars.

Please stop animal testing. It is cruel and barbaric. There are humane alternative test methods available.

STOP USING MY TAX DOLLARS ON THIS BARBARISM!!!! This is so wrong to do this to these innocents, these babies who only want want to be part of a family & loved. They were not domesticated to be treated like this!

End animal testing and abuse IMMEDIATELY! It is wrong and inhumane.

End animal testing and abuse IMMEDIATELY! It is wrong and inhumane.


Stop this cruel behavior now!! When are we going to realize we are in the 21st century and we do not need to use animals for this anymore? I do not want my tax dollars used for this nonsense!!!!

Please stop this abuse on all dogs and all other animals. It’s all uncalled for and absolutely is not necessary..

The government needs this another labs shut down and stop this and quit using my tax dollars for this if you want to continue testing then use humans since you probably do any way, I know it is about the money you could care less about animals or people. as kong s it does not reach your door step.

This is aweful. Please stop this horrendous torture and inhumane treatment of animals. Poor excuses for humans. Can’t wait til Karma kicks in and it will

Put these savages out of business! How dare anyone do this to another life – helpless lives!

Please stop this at once. Use death row inmates for these studies!

NO ANIMAL should ever be subject to this kind of abuse. Surely you can find your answers without this inhumane act……….

These barbaric experiments must stop immediately!!. No animal should be forced to endure such pain!


Those that experiment on creature’s that can not defend themselve’s are not human in any way. Animal’s were not put on this earth for your entertainment of sickness. This has to stop! These animal’s are loving and loyal. My tax money was not to be used in this manner. Stop with the cruel and unnecessary experiments that don’t have a purpose for human life or any life for that matter.

Do we live in a denial that this is barbaric or what ??? This needs to stop for all animals now !!!

this has got to stop these animals have a life to so no more

I have almost lost respect for the human race for the cruelty acts that most humans are capable of performing. Please help to change that.

Stop testing on these animals. Let them be adopted out and end your studies for good.

Just stop the cruelty!!!

[…] A organização até preparou um parecer sobre esta questão, que está disponível em inglês AQUI, onde relata o absurdo e inutilidade do que é feito, os valores que são gastos e como a […]

The FDA requires drug companies to ry their drugs in 2 different species as part of a New Drug Application. The beagle is the single best species – BUT only 50% at most reflect what is seen in humans. The number of animals can be reduced. The animals can be used ofr single experiments and then be provided for – without future experiments. The FDA needs to ensure drug copanies do the MINIMUM number of required tests. Many newer drugs work on the immunologic sustem – and NO animal species is appropriate. The FDA – and AL – agencies mucy be transparent about what they are doing, number of animals to be used and why. Needs at least annual review bu outside independent review group.

This government funded animal ABUSE needs to STOP

This is disgusting! How could anyone torture a living being like this? This needs to stop and stop taking taxpayers money! I don’t want my money going to support this abuse!

stop now

Stop this barbaric treatment!!!!!

STOP abusing animals



Forty years ago my husband was in Castle Point VA hospital and he said he listened to dogs scream all night long. I had hoped they had stopped using animals in research. Nothing has ever been cured through animal testing.

This needs to stop. In no way is an animals DNA anything like a human. This is completely insane and utterly disgusting wrong and cruel torture. People, DO NOT allow the president to approve more monies for the military, they do not get it, they torture animals with it and it has to stop NOW.

Sent letter–made it shorter and to the point. They will only win more votes if they GET RID of this experimenting.

Stop hurting these beautiful innocent animals. They don’t deserve this cruelty.

Cruelty paid for… by taxpayers money. Sick people having way to explore the depth of their sickness hidden from the public eye.Not anymore. Stop all cruelty to animals. There is payback , God sees what they do.

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