Poll: Most Americans Want Spending Cut for Animal Experiments

Posted by Justin Goodman
09 December 2016 | Blog


Taxpayer-funded animal experimentation is un-American, and we have the data to prove it.

Opinion surveys in recent years show Americans’ growing opposition to animal experimentation, with the most recent Pew poll reporting that a majority of Americans now object to “the use of animals in scientific research.”

Now, as reported by Red Alert Politics, a new national poll commissioned by the White Coat Waste Project and conducted by research firm Lincoln Park Strategies shows that most Americans–Republicans and Democrats alike–are sick of footing the $12-billion-plus bill for these wasteful and secretive experiments on dogs, cats, monkeys and other animals.

The poll of 1,109 U.S. voters found that a majority (about 6 in 10) want to see funding cut and transparency increased for taxpayer-funded animal experiments. According to the survey (also visualized in the infographic below):

61% of U.S. voters want to reduce federal spending on animal experiments at the National Institutes of Health

59% of U.S. voters want to reduce funding for experiments on dogs and cats

59% of U.S. voters want to reduce funding for experiments on primates

67% of U.S. voters want to mandate that federal agencies publicly report details of animal experiments and how much is spent on them

For all questions, the poll found that a majority of Republican and Democrat voters want to cut taxpayer funding of animal experiments. Across the board, the poll also showed that 5% more Republicans (on average) supported this move, and want more transparency about the practice. 

The results show broad support for our current campaign to cut funding for experiments on dogs in government laboratories and increase transparency and accountability about all taxpayer-funded animal experimentation.

Below is a shareable infographic with the poll results:


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Please stop all experiments on domestic animals and primates as current technology has substitutions for animal experimentations

I”m less concerned about how it’s being paid for than that they’re doing it at all. There’s no excuse for it. Stop!

I’m like several on this site, this needs to stop, animals are not to be tested on or abused why don’t they abuse a child and see how far that will go, I think they will go to jail. I agree with this other comment there is no excuse for it and it need to STOP!!!!!!!

Animal experiments need to be stopped immediately !!!!!! Wanna experiment? Take the animal and child abusers out of prison and experiment on them .The president could do something about this, they like us staying occupied on these matters so we are not in their business. The government creates these problems , now they need to end this problem for good.

It is time for us to recognize that cruelty to any living being is heinous and inhumane.

I am with you on this one, I have said this 100’s of times

No abusive animal testing with my dollars!

Animal experiments are unnecessary, useless when applied to humans and conducted by sub-humans.

I love animals & despise what is done to them. They deserve to be treated with respect. I feel that we should have a choice to contribute to experiments or not. The truth is there wouldn’t be enough money for experiments & thus the animals would be saved. That would be great news!

Primates are our cousins. LEAVE THEM ALONE!

Animals are here for us to care and honor their precious lives and needs, not devastating them, their family and their environment!!!

Experiments on animal model gives not valid results.There are 2 reasins: 1. results are not transferabled from species to species; 2. experimenter does not have the ability to imitate DISEASES when he starts with healthy animals. If he want be scientist then he must do experiments in vivo on individual stem cells,everything else is dirty fraud,and crime harm as to animals as to ill humans, as to medicine, as to basic science.

Bad enough that Gov’t money being used for this deplorable action, but abusing ad torturing animals is unforgivable. STOP! NOWq

Stop spending our Tax dollars in the most primitive way ! Testing on animals is outdated !!! STOP THE WASTE. DRAIN THE WASTE !!!

Please stop Animal experiments. They are not needed! There are other methods to do these experiments, everybody knows this. So please stop hurting these innocent animals!

Stop spending our TAX dollars, Testing on animals is outdated ,,,, DRAIN THE WASTE !!!

Experimenting on helpless animals causes horrendous needless suffering. No cures for human diseases or conditions are found in these shamefultorture chambers. Animal testing is a taxpayer scam and most is frivolous cosmetic testing. Your taxpayer dollars go to labs and people in white coats accomplishing nothing while causing pain and suffering upon innocent animals! Their bodies are not like ours and cannot produce resultslesding to cures. The concept is a fallacy with great financial gain for these unethical institutions. It’s a travesty!

Stop testing on pets especially dogs and cats!

End animal experimentation

Please stop all animal experiments….which are cruel AND useless. Have compassion because animals feel pain like we do.

Please stop hurting animals for needless experiments. These animals suffer terribly and are mistreated. There are alternatives that will work just as well so the poor animals can live in peace. Have a heart. Thank you.

It should not take place at all. Stop.

No to this. Stop it now

There is no reason in the 21st century to use animals for any kind of medical testing.

Do the right thing!

Stop the experiments on animals. It’s inhumane!

I m on the same page as all of the other people!

I agree – animal testing needs to stop now!!

Please stop all animal experiments! Cruel, unnecessary, wasteful.

A good place to cut funding is animal experiments and other animal abuse
We no longer need to use animals for human needs
Many universities have stopped this
Using animals to test drugs and cosmetics does not help humans and it causes untold pain and suffering that is uncivilized

Animal experimentation is cruel and obsolete. This abhorrent and unnecessary practice should not have made it out of the last century. Looking to cut government spending, Mr Trump??? Start here!

STOP using animals!

Please end all these horrific experements on these poor defenseless animals.
It is so unnecessary.

President Trump, cut this wasteful, egregious, barbaric practice. All animals are sentient beings. They feel everything we do. In it’s origens, animal testing was barbaric. In this 21st century, animal cruelty is beyond deplorable without excuse. As our President, please stand for the rights of the voiceless. We are their guardians, not their torturers. Thank you, for all who suffer and languish and die in labs. You are not forgotten.

Please don’t abuse ANIMALS!!

I don’t care where the money comes from……..but it’s disgusting that you are using animals in that way. What’s the matter with you people????

I think that people that doing all the testing in all kinds of animals need to start doing this test on themselves if they have reactions to the testing or find there something wrong then they see as that it hurt them .they stop useing animals and hurting those poor innocent animals that don’t deserve to be treated and done like they’re doing stop animal testing on animals and do it on yourself testing sorry if my English is not correct

It is beyond my comprehension, that a country as great as America is would, continue to commit to this cruelty of helpless animals. Animals have become the lesser of two evils

Stop all animal testing. Its barbaric and unnecessary.

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