Congressional Hearing Takes on V.A. Dog Lab Abuses

Posted by Justin Goodman
22 March 2017 | Blog, VA


Less than 24 hours after White Coat Waste Project exposed flagrant dog abuse and transparency failures by experimentation laboratories at the McGuire Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Richmond, Virginia, the issue was on the agenda at a high-profile Congressional hearing of the committee that funds the Department of Veterans Affairs.

During an oversight hearing held by the Military Construction and Veterans Affairs Appropriations subcommittee, Congressman Sanford Bishop (D-GA) pressed the V.A. Inspector General Michael Missal on his plans to investigate the troubling evidence of dog abuse WCW submitted to the agency.

You can watch the full clip of the exchange below.

Please support Rep. Bishop’s leadership on this issue by taking a moment to email your Members of Congress and ask them to help end cruel, secretive and wasteful government dog experiments.

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Dog abuse/animal testing is beyond horrific and not necessary!


Please end this cruelty. This is America, this kind of crap should not be happening on our soil. We are NOT in a third world country. Americans behaving like this , treating our voiceless like a piece of garbage is not the American way !!! Shame on all of you that is letting this happen. I’m asking for change and respect to mans best friend. Thank you, Fran

As a member of the medical community, I want to state that this research is never used. Researchers always state that theses results may have no bearing on how the procedure or medicine will work on humans, that only human trials can give appropriate results. This is from the researchers themselves. Enough said.

This is animal abuse!! Pure and simple!! Stop the torture now!!

Please stop animal experimentation and abuse. These animals save lives on the battlefield, in nursing homes, search and rescue. They feel pain, they love unconditionally, they will risk their lives for there owners. How can inflicting pain and disease on a healthy animal be justified? To me and many in this country abusing an animal is no different than abusing a human being. These animals live in our homes, provide love and companionship, protect us, they are part of our families and every dog in a lab is capable of the same thing given the chance. The meanest animal in the world isn’t as cruel as human beings can be and these labs are proof. I understand the need to find cures but then use technology to find the answers. Please!

Stop animal abuse

End dog and all animals abuse NOW!!!!

Thank you to the White Coat Waste Project for bringing this information to the American people about the cruel experiments that are taking place at the Maguire VA Medical Center in Richmond, Va.! Now, hopefully, the VA Inspector General Michael Missal will do the right thing and investigate and shut this down permanently!

This is totally cruel and pointless waste. Humans and animals are not the same species.

Stop this cruel waste of life and money now!

Completely unnecessary abuse of sentient beings.

This is Animal Cruelty100% ,Pathetically Sickening & Heartless !!!! Where is your heart that you could do this ????

This abuse has got to stop why don’t they take the rapists and murderers and test on them. It’s money better spent I’m sick of these poor animals being abused in the name of science.

Don’t use my money to abuse any animal!

Shut down Doggy experimentation & laboratories. Dogs are suffering extreme pain & torture, abuse & isolation.

It is a spiritual rule that mankind has forgotten. Nothing good can come out harming and/or killing a sentient defenceless innocent creature. It will slowly diminish your personality towards unpleasantly evil when doing and/or condoning such a sin.

Inhumane animal testing is travesty that should cannot continue! And then for us to unknowingly pay for it through taxes is unacceptable!

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