BREAKING: KITTEN Act aims to defund USDA cat killing

Posted by Justin Goodman
11 May 2018 | Newsworthy

Just days after White Coat Waste Project’s new exposé of USDA’s deadly taxpayer-funded kitten experiments, Congressman Mike Bishop (R-MI)–who was instrumental in breaking the investigation–has joined forces with House Agriculture Committee member Rep. Jimmy Panetta (D-CA) to introduce a bill to end this waste and abuse. As first reported by CNN, the bipartisan pair introduced the Kittens in Traumatic Testing Ends Now (KITTEN) Act to permanently end all of USDA’s painful taxpayer-funded experiments on cats.

Earlier this week, Rep. Bishop appeared on CNN’s Headline News to discuss the controversy and what he’s doing to fight for taxpayers and kittens:

In a media statement about the KITTEN Act, Rep. Bishop explained,

“I’m proud to introduce the bipartisan KITTEN Act to put a stop to USDA’s tax-funded experiments on cats and kittens. My constituents and other Americans have made it clear that they don’t want the federal government spending their hard-earned tax dollars to abuse and kill cats in cruel, inhumane and outdated experiments. The USDA must stop killing kittens, and I hope to work collaboratively with the agency towards that goal.”

Congressman Panetta told reporters,

“This common sense, bipartisan bill will require the USDA to adhere to the same animal welfare standards that the department is charged to uphold. While I strongly support scientific research, taxpayer money and federal resources should be spent on advancing scientific research in an ethical manner, not on inflicting pain on innocent kittens in outdated experiments. I hope this bill helps us get closer to ending this cruel practice.”

Tell Congress to pass the bipartisan KITTEN Act to defund these deadly taxpayer-funded experiments, and urge USDA to adopt out the cats!

Blog Comments

STOP using my Tax Money to KILL ALL the Animals in Lab Experiments.

This is an insult to all the rescue groups. You are spending my money and I do not agree with this in any way shape or form.

Stop waist full spending on abusive experiments on innocent kittens!

Stop using our money to kill innocent kittens in abusive, unethical, lab experiments! They don’t deserve it! Leave the kittens alone! Rehome them and never use them as a lab experiment again!

You know what this is not the 1950s or 60s this is 2018. If you want to do experiments do it on people in prison that are lifers quit taking it out on innocent animals the time for this is to stop now and we will fight you every inch of the way this is just cruelty why you don’t go to jail for animal cruelty I don’t know but I will fight against you

This is absurd

We need to be a more compassionate society. Let us start by eliminating unnecessary and cruel experiments

I work daily to save kittens and cats from the hands of cruel pet owners, the streets and kill shelters. I had NO idea this was STILL happening. I support this bill. STOP KILLING CATS AND KITTENS!

Our tax money being used for animal abuse is inexcusable. The US governmental organizations should be preventing abusing and participating in it.

Outrageous! And cruel.

I think this is outrageous and cruel.

Stop killing innocent animals. There are plenty of scummy people in prison you can experiment on and save the tax payers money. No civil rights for prisoners until the innocent get their civil rights!!

I don’t want my tax dollars paying for this travesty. We are supposed to be a civilized society, stop this!!

Do not use live animals for experimenting!

Toxoplasmosis is a very treatable disease. There is no need to kill the kittens that the USDA infects with this disease. And why is there a need for more research on the disease to begin with? The whole project give me shudders.


Please stop the killing and experiments on kittens.

Please let these babies have a chance

Please let these babies have a chance

Please let these babies live in peace

Stop hurting animals!


STOP STOP STOP!!!!!!!!! No more using of tax dollars to kill cats and kittens for ANYTHING!!!!!!

Stop killing and torturing kittens and cats!!

Stop all animal experimentation especially kittens and cats…its a terrible waste of our tax dollars..Worry about feeding the poor and giving shelter to the homeless in this country then you would be doing something worthy

Stop killing cats. They feel everything. Including torture.

Stop. Killing cats is wrong. They can feel pain.

Please stop using tax payer dollars to do experiments on kittens.

This is a cruel and torturous act to inflect not only on kittens but other innocent animals. Would this not be considered abuse and a crime. Thank u Mike Bishop and Jimmy Tanneta fir working to get this government atrocity stopped.

Thank u Mike Bishop and Jimmy Tanneta for working to get this government atrocity stopped.

kittens are future cats. They need to be protected not wasted. They are a natural resource. It needs to be recognized and promoted that cats and dogs have therapeutic value for humanity. We all can vouch for the need for alternative therapy these days.

Still cruelty needs to stop immediately! These precious kittens should not be used for this! They are our pets, not some test subject! Animals have rights! Stop this abuse immediately!!!!! I definitely don’t want my taxes going on this act of cruelty!!

I don’t work my ass off and pay my taxes for you to be killing kittens, cats, ANY ANIMAL

No experimenting on animals!!!

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