POLL: Opposition to animal testing “skyrockets” to all-time high

Posted by Justin Goodman
30 August 2018 | Blog, Transparency

White Coat Waste Project was founded in 2011 to unite liberty-lovers and animal-lovers to stop $15 billion in forced taxpayer-funded animal experiments each year. New research shows we’re succeeding.

According to a new Pew Research poll, for the first time in history, a majority of Americans oppose animal testing.

As the Independent Journal Review (IJR) reported, Pew found that, “GOP opposition to animal testing, likewise, has skyrocketed from just 33 percent in 2009 to a whopping 48 percent now.” This is an increase of nearly 50% in just the last decade, a critical shift that helped push overall public opposition to animal testing past 50%.

Polls commissioned by WCW have found that a majority of voters from both sides of the aisle also oppose taxpayer-funded animal tests specifically, and that a supermajority object to abuses like EPA’s inhalation tests on animals.

IJR highlighted some of WCW’s campaigns and related bipartisan efforts in Congress to end wasteful taxpayer-funded animal testing, including the Department of Veterans Affairs’ “maximum pain” experiments on dogs, cats, monkeys and other animals.

Tell Congress to pass the bipartisan KITTEN Act to permanently defund deadly taxpayer-funded experiments on kittens at the USDA!

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Stop this spending on innocent animals!!!

No more Animal torture, please. Monkey’s are having hoses run up their noses, rats are put in tanks of water to see how long it takes for them to drown. How in the world is this helping testing? It doesn’t. Raccoons are being trapped in cages and set down in water to drown and our students are watching this along with their teacher….which is horrible. Not only that but it’s teaching our young people how to abuse and kill animals. I could go on and on. Close these places down now. CUT ALL FUNDING TO THESE PROGRAMS…TAXPAYORS DO NOT APPROVE OF THIS TORTURE AND WE SURE DO NOT WANT TO PAY FOR IT !!!!!!

[…] an overwhelming majority of Americans opposing their hard-earned dollars fueling […]

[…] an overwhelming majority of Americans opposing their hard-earned dollars fueling such heinous acts, the government has continued to spend money […]

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