WIN: Congress & POTUS extend VA dog testing defund

Posted by Justin Goodman
14 September 2018 | Blog, POW

UPDATE (9/21/18): President Trump signed this legislation into law.

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Earlier this year, after a robust White Coat Waste Project campaign and bipartisan leadership from Congress, President Trump signed the fiscal year 2018 government funding bill that defunded dog experimentation at the Department of Veterans Affairs save for rare instances with Secretary-level approval.

Now, following advocacy by WCW and veterans’ groups, a bipartisan request from over 50 federal lawmakers led by Reps. Dave Brat (R-VA) and Dina Titus (D-NV), and leadership from VA spending panel leader Rep. Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, the House of Representatives has voted once again to extend the defund and restrictions on VA’s “maximum pain” tests and other agency experiments on dogs and puppies. Congress is also requiring a report from the VA on its dog experimentation program. You can read more about the progress at

Urge Congress to pass the bipartisan PUPPERS Act to permanently stop the VA from using your tax dollars to fund wasteful and inhumane dog experiments.

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This is definitely welcomed news!

Thank God!!!

God is not who you should be thanking. It’s people who have the moral integrity to understand the difference between right and wrong and the decency to act. Best that I can tell, god is napping through this ugly time in our nation’s history.

I’m with you, brother. God gets too much credit for things he ignores or has nothing to do with, such as an issue of this kind. These experiments are a sick joke and it’s the animals that suffer. Disabled vetewrans get no benefit from this form of animal abuse.

Stop experimenting on animals. Use other methods

#Never take animals and sacrifice them for experiments#Animals have a same right to live and get their freedom#

stop hurting and kiling these dogs now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Animals live and breathe, and raise their young. All they want is to love and be loved. Animal experiments are cruel and inhumane and they should never be used.

Thank God! Best news ever!

Thank God! Best news ever!

It’s about time. This isn’t the only VA facility that is performing these useless tests and committing animal cruelty. Please defund all the VA facilities that are involved in this waste of taxpayers’ money that has been going on for years..

Thank you God.

So, will the VA house and care for these dogs until 2019 or will these dogs be fortunate enough to be adopted where they can live freely in a loving environment?

enough already! make the connection ! give them back their LIFE

Defund ALL animal experiments. There are non-lethal methods if the VA asked the PCRM (Physicians’ Committee on Responsible Medicine)!

[…] experimentation at the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) has made historic progress. Congress has twice enacted legislation restricting VA’s dog testing. Virginia enacted the nation’s first state […]

[…] experimentation program, but the measure stalled in the Senate. Nevertheless, earlier this year a federal bill was passed that requires the Secretary of Veteran Affairs to first grant approval before any funding can be […]


[…] experimentation program, but the measure stalled in the Senate. Nevertheless, earlier this year a federal bill was passed that requires the Secretary of Veteran Affairs to first grant approval before any funding can be […]

Experimenting HAS GOT TO STOP!!! There is no reason to do this any more, it is cruel and inhumane and Must Stop.

Let the animals go…stop the cruel expriments

Did this pass the Senate and did the Secretary of Veteran Affairs sign and approve; or has this been dropped altogether and VA still testing on animals? Stop funding on all animal testing throughout the USA.

Waiting on reply.

On the tv today they had that the VA needed additional funds. This is one program that could be cancelled to get funds redirected to help our veterans. 01-oct-2021

Once the program is cancelled, adopt out the dogs don’t destroy them.

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