Lara Trump joins fight to “to close the chapter on cruel and ineffective VA dog testing”

13 February 2019 | Blog, POW

Dogs locked in taxpayer-funded government testing labs have it rough, but thankfully they have friends in high places speaking up for them. President Donald Trump’s daughter-in-law Lara Trump–a passionate advocate for the welfare of veterans and dogs–is lending her voice to the campaign to pass the PUPPERS Act and stop wasteful and cruel dog experiments at the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.

In a USA Today interview about White Coat Waste Project’s work with Congress to stop this waste and abuse, Mrs. Trump–who shares her home with two rescued beagles, Charlie and Ben–said:

Lawmakers leading the charge on the PUPPERS Act applauded Mrs. Trump for her advocacy:

Join Mrs. Trump and urge your Congress members to cosponsor the bipartisan PUPPERS Act to permanently cut federal funding for all painful dog experiments at the VA.

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Please support the Puppers Act!

Stop now

Congress -Cut federal funding for all dog experiments at the VA

Wonderful news! Many thanks to Lara Trump, Reps. Gaetz and Mast and everyone responsible. Now, please stop all of this unconscionable torture and stop it at all government agencies and universities.

LaraTrump…I just want to say how grateful i am to read that you are a part of ending theses hortible VA dog experiments.I have prayed for so long that these cruel places would be closed down. Infact. I just prayed again this morning anout it. God answers prayers for pets who are suffering. Thank you. Lara for caring. I pray that everyone of these labs will be closed down. God Bless You.

Stop animal cruelty especially dogs!

Ringrazio e sono grata che una persona che ha visibilità si batta per fermare questa ingiustizia perpretata nei confrotnti di povere creature innocenti condannati senza colpe, spero che altri perspnaggi si gacciano sentire, Grazie ancora signora Lara Trump

These wonderful & innocent beings are also SENTIENT BEINGS! Feelings, emotions, all of the hurt, pain, love & MOSTLY love with no strings. It has always been at the forefront of the saddest moments in life, anger comes too. How in the world anyone can do these horrid things is inexcusable. I hope this will stop for everyone’s sake…KARMA


End this cruel behavior

End vicious cruel dogs testing !

This is animals abuse 200 percent !

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