VICTORY: EPA unveils landmark plan to end wasteful animal tests following WCW campaign

Posted by Justin Goodman
10 September 2019 | Blog

As reported by the Associated Press, Washington Post, Washington Examiner and others, at a signing ceremony this morning with White Coat Waste Project (WCW) as one of the invited speakers, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced the most comprehensive plan in U.S. government history to completely end “horrific and inhumane” animal testing exposed by WCW and opposed by a supermajority of taxpayers.

The EPA’s landmark move follows an intensive WCW campaign, advocacy by thousands of WCW supporters, and leadership from Republicans and Democrats in Congress. Earlier this year, Congress and President Trump enacted WCW-backed legislation urging the EPA to cut its internal animal testing, which includes forcing rabbits and other animals to breathe truck fumes, eat lard, and other wasteful, expensive, and abusive experiments.

Now, EPA chief Andrew Wheeler–a longtime critic of wasteful animal tests who highlighted the issue in his Senate confirmation testimony–has committed to:

  • A 30% reduction in funding for animal testing on mammals, and in requirements for industry animal testing, by 2025
  • A 100% reduction in funding for animal testing, and in requirements for industry animal testing, on mammals by 2035
  • Investment of $4.25 million in the development of alternatives to animal testing

The EPA is the first agency ever to set a benchmark and timeline for the complete phase-out of taxpayer-funded animal testing.

WCW’s Tax Week 2018 billboard targeting the EPA’s National Health and Environmental Effects Research Laboratory in North Carolina.

On Capitol Hill, the bipartisan effort to curb wasteful EPA animal testing has been led by Reps. Matt Gaetz (R-FL), Ken Calvert (R-CA), David Joyce (R-OH), Debbie Wasserman-Schultz (D-FL), Betty McCollum (D-MN), Scott Perry (R-PA), David Cicilline (D-RI), Steve Cohen (D-TN) and Brendan Boyle (D-PA).

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Yes, very sad considering the years of asking to reevaluate expense and all the suffering basically for nothing. But at least we’re now moving in the right direction. Thank you and all those poor tortured animals thank you even more 🙂


These experiments are doubtful to apply for humans’ physiology, regardless having all the innocent lives enduring the suffering. The funding shall spend on more meaningful and helpful and constructive ways of science, instead of just to keep them for someone’s job! Please stop these nonsense budgets!!!

I agree only someone without common sense would continue to do this! I think it has more to do with the state funding for R&D to keep the 💲 coming in thus securing there jobs! We need to take the funding out for something to be truly done!

About time!

We need to fight for these animals.

Its well passed time all this animal testing was stopped , Its Horrendously cruel & unnessersary when there is now other ways of testing without TORTUREING ANIMALS

I am glad to see that the EPA is reducing animal testing. I will be ecstatic when all animal testing is eliminated and I would pray that some way it would happen very soon instead years in the future. This is like a bandaid on a gaping wound. All testing needs to stop NOW.

We need to unite and fight for the animal’s, animal testing alternatives should be researched.

Extrêmement cruelle pour ces petits être très doux, et douée de sensibilité tout comme nous les humains. Depuis toutes ces années que l’on teste sur ces animaux, ont devraient avoir passer toutes les donnés à tous et chacun, et cessez toute cette cruauté…


Sono d’accordo che aspettare fino l 2035 che tutto questo orribile e inumano comportamento nei confronto di poveri animali innocenti e indifesi mi sembra un orribile delitto

Sono felicissima per questa notizia spero che tutto sia anticipato per il bene di tanti poveri indifesi animali e che sia l’inizio di un cambiamento in tutti i paesi

Become kind and support for these animals

Please end all animal testing now! Thank you.

Animals have emotions they shouldn’t be ill-treated or tested in labs

Mammmals and birds testing is being done since ages for R&D but it should be limited to great extent and alternate eays should be explored

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