EXPOSED: FBI “stabbing, burning and shooting” live animals with your tax money

Posted by Justin Goodman
26 October 2019 | Blog

“[S]tabbing, burning and shooting pigs and goats, and sometimes even dogs….” Is this how you want your money spent?

White Coat Waste Project recently discovered that the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and U.S. Marshals Service (USMS)–both housed within the Department of Justice (DOJ)–spent $120,000 on contracts for outdated “live tissue training” (LTT) in which animals are violently inflicted with traumatic injuries so trainees can allegedly practice human medical skills.  It’s as wasteful and cruel as it sounds.

Now, following discussions with WCW, influential lawmakers with oversight authority over the DOJ–House Judiciary Committee member Rep. Ted Lieu (D-CA) and Vice Chair of the DOJ’s funding panel Rep. Matt Cartwright (D-PA)–are taking action. In a new letter to Deputy Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen, they call out the LTT contracts that entail, as they explain, “stabbing, burning and shooting pigs and goats, and sometimes even dogs….”

US government live tissue training


The Congressmen write that, “the use of animals for this training is expensive, obsolete, unnecessary and opposed by most Americans” and that LTT has fallen out of favor because high-tech human simulators are more effective and cost-efficient. The lawmakers also ask a series of questions about the extent and cost of the DOJ’s LTT.

The DOJ continues to waste tax dollars on crude live tissue training on animals when other government entities have switched to more effective and cost-efficient human simulators.


Is this how you want your money spent? Take a moment to urge the DOJ to end wasteful and cruel live tissue training.

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Stop this!

For God’s sake don’t do that abhorant cruel process that can be better done with non-living means. It is a waste of money and not a good example to others. Just stop it.

Abuse of power, waste of money, carried out by perverted psychopaths who deserve to be locked away from the world for the rest of their pathetic, useless lives.

This is outrageous that our own FBI and US Marshalls are engaged in the blatant acts of cruelty against helpless animals when there are other methods available. I urge you to cease this practice immediately as I am certain that citizens would be outraged if they really knTew what is happening with the Justice Department’s abhorrent cruelty to animals. Where is the justice in this?????

This is outrageous that our own FBI and US Marshals are engaged in the blatant acts of cruelty against helpless animals when there are other methods available. I urge you to cease this practice immediately as I am certain that citizens would be outraged if they knew the Justice Department officials sworn to uphold the law were committing felony animal abuse.

I agree with your post and everyone else’s posts, this is horrible and barbaric, does your families know what you are doing torturing and killing innocent animals…they know now!

This is uncall for…abuses, cruel, evil…should be aganist the law for them doing this…

FBI and U. S. Marshall’s doing this…you people are sick and disgusting this is not justice in any shape or form! How can you people sleep at night, shooting and killing innocent animals for no reason and you people were sworn to uphold the Law you should not be upholding the Law, you people should be scrapping gunk from a bottom of the barrel not a Officer of the Law, I have no faith in you people, if you can do this to animals you can do this to humans!

Those persons involved in cruelty to animals for any reason should spend time behind bars at the very least..
No way would any rotten experiments be deemed ok if not for rotten corrupt idiots with no compassion for our fellow beings who in many ways are much better than rotten people.. They dont harm us!!!!!!

Please,stop doing this!

This is the utmost evil atrocity against innocent animals! STOP THIS CARNAGE IMMEDIATELY!

Stop the killing of animals. They have done nothing wrong for all the torture you are putting them through. Put yourself in their place

Anyone responsible for any innocent animals being tested on in anyway for human gain should be put through the same
Process over and over for a month then finish them off , see how they like it , fuckong humans think we own every thing alive on this earth , brainless: heartless : evil

This is disgusting. I had upmost respect for our military forces, but this is a line that should never have been crossed. It is disgusting to know that these people are willing to torture thousands of animals on a yearly basis for training. What is more disgusting is the belief that some might have in thinking that it is “necessary”. I am not proud of our military for these acts. I am not proud to know that they are willing to harm innocent animals for no reason. THERE ARE MANY WAYS TO DO THINGS. IF OUR MILITARY ISN’T SMART ENOUGH TO FIGURE OUT AN EFFICIENT AND MORALLY ACCEPTABLE ALTERNATIVE, THEN WOE TO THE USA BECAUSE CLEARLY THE PEOPLE IN CHARGE ARE FOOLS.

How can this be true????!!!!# such evil…god…help us…

This is vile and disgusting!

Despicable, pointless, stupid. Junk science. Part of the cult of death. Hang your heads in shame if there’s still anything human left in you. BUT MOST OF ALL: STOP IT.

Torture to thses animals is unnecessay

Eating animals is just a cruel. They suffer severely on the farms. Agonizing deaths. Watch DOMINION DOCUMENTARY.

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