VIDEO EXPOSÉ: Tax dollars wasted to cripple monkeys with toxic brain injections

Posted by Justin Goodman
30 October 2019 | Blog

White Coat Waste Project (WCW) just exposed how the nation’s top taxpayer-funded monkey abusers have been violating a federal law requiring that they publicly disclose the costs of their cruel and wasteful experiments.

During its investigation, WCW unearthed a little-known video of the noncompliant primate experiments at Emory University’s Yerkes National Primate Research Center (NPRC). Here’s how Uncle Sam $16 million of your tax dollars:

This ongoing project has received over $16 million from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) to date and involves:

  • locking monkeys alone in tiny cages
  • drilling holes into monkeys’ skulls
  • screwing in head-restraining devices
  • implanting electrodes into the monkeys’ brains
  • injecting toxins that destroy monkeys’ brains and cause them to lose control of their limbs, mouths and other body parts.

Altogether, Yerkes NPRC imprisons over 4,000 primates of different species for use in needless experiments opposed by most Americans. Experts agree that primate experiments are incredibly wasteful, and even NIH Director Francis Collins recently highlighted the ineffectiveness of animal testing.

Is this how you want your money spent?

Take a moment to write your Congress members and urge them to cut funding for all painful primate testing at the NIH.

Blog Comments

These scientists commit atrocious and cruel acts in falsely in the name of science and progress. These poor animals need to be rescued from the cruelty and should no longer have funding for their continued torment.

Stop torturing and crippling monkeys!

I urge you to cut all funding for all animal expierments

Like Auschwitz for animals – disgusting and a waste of money!

What a serious disgusting waste of money

Planning to perfect human torture and exploitation.

STOP use poor innocents victims just for money, yes just for money, science not need use animals in experiments any more, This is why we have tecnology .. we not want pay for this sick, sadistic practice, we don’t believe in test laboratories , STOP

These terrible experiments must stop now

Total Insanity! My Heart Is Broken!

Have a heart !

Keep animals out of reach of predators that only put their life to waste.Their hearts are becoming cold-hearted.please find other ways of experimenting to explain results killing is not an option.Reconcider every living thing deserve life even us humans.Thank you


Have you no compassion???

This is just an excuse for sadistic morons to torture innocent animals. Stop these cruel experiments NOW.!!

this is disgusting and who are these people?

These doctor Frankenstein people disgust me.

Stop hurting poor innocent animals. It’s not necessary. Serves no purpose!

Stop unnecessary torture of these poor creatures!

These experiments must stop! Cruelty like this is just unacceptable and downright disgusting

The cruelty of humans cannot be equaled or surpassed. One can only hope about reckoning.

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