A Government Lab Bought Cats “Slaughtered By Chinese Market Vendors.” Here’s Your Receipts.

Posted by Arin Greenwood
11 May 2020 | Blog

White Coat Waste Project has a singular mission: to stop the government from wasting $20 billion taxpayer dollars each year on animal testing.

So you might wonder why we are supporting a bill to prevent the government from spending one more red cent to buy or kill animals from China’s live animal markets—wild animals, and cats and dogs, are sold and slaughtered for human consumption. 

What’s the connection?

Sit down and get ready for a truly disturbing story that’ll explain our commitment to the bill we call Delilah’s Law, named for a cat who survived a government lab that used tax dollars to purchase animals from live animal markets in China.

This is Delilah, the government lab survivor after whom Delilah’s Law is named.


The USDA bought cats and puppies from wet markets. We have receipts.

Last year, a WCW investigation revealed the U.S. government has gone on shopping sprees for cats and puppies at China’s wet markets and slaughterhouses. 

For years, Uncle Sam used your tax dollars to buy the animals, who were dismembered—their body parts then transported back to the United States, in carry-on luggage, to be used in bizarre, wasteful, and outrageously cruel kitten cannibalism experiments at a notorious U.S. Department of Agriculture lab in Maryland.

Sounds unbelievable, right? Well, we have receipts—click here to see them. You can also check them out in WJLA’s great story about Delilah’s Law.

Records obtained by WCW showing how the USDA’s “kitten slaughterhouse” lab fed body parts of cats from China’s wet markets to kittens in its Maryland lab.

Among the verified purchases are 34 cats bought at a Chinese meat market, killed, with their tongues, brains, and hearts then shipped to the Maryland lab, to be fed to kittens. Delilah was used by the USDA to breed the kittens who would eat the cat meat from China.

And hey, the USDA even cops to doing it, stating it “only purchased feline specimens that were slaughtered by Chinese market vendors for food in accordance with People’s Republic of China laws.” That doesn’t really make it any better. Also, newsflash: There are no laws governing cat slaughter in China.

Let’s stop the USDA from spending our money at China’s wet markets ever again.

We got the kitten slaughterhouse shut down, and adopted Delilah into a loving home. Now we’re working with lawmakers to make sure none of your money is ever used to support wet markets again.

The U.S. government should never have bought and killed cats and dogs at wet markets in the first place. We can’t trust them not to do it again, without Delilah’s Law. Let’s get it passed.

Tell the U.S. government you don’t want YOUR tax dollars being spent at China’s wet markets.

Especially now, especially with what we’re all going through with the COVID-19 pandemic, let’s make sure the U.S. government isn’t using YOUR tax dollars to keep China’s wet markets in business.

Please lend your voice and sign for our petition to make sure NO taxpayer dollars to go to China’s wet markets.

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Stop spending taxpayer dollars on this disgusting practice.

China’s wet markets are the most disgusting things I have ever heard of, the USA should stop everything coming from that horrible place! Biggest animal abusers and polluters on the planet.

You make me ashamed to be American.


We have got to stop these meat markets. Any so called human that takes part in the killing of animals should be put away forever. No doubt these monsters are also serial killers

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