VICTORY! Court Rules Richmond Buses Must Run Our Ads Slamming Wasteful VA Dog Tests

Posted by Arin Greenwood
02 June 2020 | Dogs, Transparency, VA

We have some furry exciting news for you! 🐶  🐶  🐶  We’ve just won a federal lawsuit that says we have the right to place ads on city buses in Richmond, Virginia—in which we call out the Richmond VA for spending taxpayers’ money on wasteful and painful dog experiments. ⚖️  💰 🔥

Three years ago White Coat Waste Project filed the lawsuit against Richmond’s public bus agency—which tried to censor us by refusing to run our proposed bus ads.

But, as first reported by Courthouse News, the court agreed taxpayers have a right to know that the VA is wasting their money to give puppies heart attacks, while veterans struggle to get adequate care. 

This ruling—which you can read here—is a major victory for free speech, government accountability, and animals. We were represented in the case by the Law Office of Matthew Strugar.

WCW’s proposed bus advertisement rejected by the city-owned Greater Richmond Transit Company

You can read more about the Richmond VA’s sick and wasteful dog experiments here.

In recent years, White Coat Waste Project has worked with Virginia state lawmakers and the U.S. Congress to successfully enact legislation to curb funding for the VA’s dog testing.

Other VA hospitals have already ended their dog tests because of our efforts, and we’ll continue to fight until Richmond’s are history as well.

Please also write your Congress members to urge them to support the bipartisan PUPPERS Act (HR 1155) to permanently cut federal funding for all painful dog experiments at the VA.

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Laissez les animaux en paix…
Ils ne sont pas là pour servir vos expériences, ce sont des êtres vivants qui demandent à être respectés…


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