WATCH: Sen. Ernst Explains Importance Of WCW-Backed Delilah’s Law On Senate Floor

Posted by Arin Greenwood

“The federal government should not be subsidizing these dangerous, disease-prone markets.”

At today’s U.S. Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works hearing on Stopping the Spread: Examining the Increased Risk of Zoonotic Disease from Illegal Wildlife Trafficking, Sen. Joni Ernst (R-IA) raised the critical importance of a WCW-backed bill known as Delilah’s Law.

Delilah’s Law—S. 3628—is bipartisan legislation introduced by Sens. Ernst and Jeff Merkley (D-OR) to stop federal government labs from ever again spending a single cent of your tax dollars ever again to buy cats and dogs for slaughter at China’s disgusting live animal “wet markets”—which are linked to the COVID-19 global pandemic.

“The legislation that I introduced with Senator Merkley would ensure that U.S. taxpayer funds are not spent to purchase dogs, cats, birds, or other live animals at these Chinese wet markets as had been done with taxpayer funds in the past,” Sen. Ernst said at the hearing.

Wait, what’s that about the government buying animals from China’s wet markets?

Yep. Sens. Ernst and Merkley introduced Delilah’s Law in May following a WCW investigation which revealed the U.S. government has indeed gone on shopping sprees at China’s wet markets and slaughterhouses.

The government bought and slaughtered cats and dogs whose body parts were transported back to the United States in carry-on luggage—to be used in bizarre, cruel, and wasteful experiments in a USDA lab known as the “kitten slaughterhouse.”

If only this were fiction. But no, we have the receipts.

Delilah’s Law is named for a survivor of this notorious lab, which we got shut down. We also adopted Delilah into a loving home.

Senator Jeff Merkley (D-OR), who helped lead Congressional efforts to shut down the USDA’s “kitten slaughterhouse,” with Delilah, one of the lab’s survivors. WCW brought Delilah to Capitol Hill to meet the lawmakers who saved her on July 25, 2019. Sen. Merkley introduced Delilah’s Law with Sen. Joni Ernst (R-IA).


Now we’re working with lawmakers to make sure none of your money is ever, ever again used by government white coats to support wet markets.

Thank you to Sen. Ernst for using your leadership and your voice for this important issue.

We will keep you posted on developments.

You can help! Please lend your voice and sign for our petition to make sure NO taxpayer dollars to go to China’s wet markets.

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As a life-long animal lover, I can’t imagine the craven souls that are involved in the purchase & slaughter of kittens and other animals, not the pointless, horrific, outdated animal torture masquerading as “experiments” that would make Dr. Josef Mengele proud. Stop. It. All.

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