Following WCW Exposé, 30 Lawmakers Demand Answers About VA’s $8.4M Kitten Constipation and Spine-Snapping Tests

Posted by Arin Greenwood
11 August 2020 | Newsworthy, VA

🚨🚨🚨 A recent White Coat Waste Project investigation revealed the VA is torturing and killing 6-month-old kittens in secretive constipation experiments, and forcing you to pay for it—and now Congress is demanding answers. 🚨🚨🚨

We uncovered proof—including sickening photos, videos, and receiptsthat three VA labs are buying cats at taxpayer expense, injecting fake stool up their anuses, severing their spinal cords, and removing their brains… at a cost of more than $8.4 million. 

As first reported by the Washington Examiner, following WCW’s campaign, today 30 bipartisan members of Congress—led by Waste Warriors Reps. Dina Titus (D-NV) and Army veteran Brian Mast (R-FL)sent a letter to VA Secretary Robert Wilkie expressing their “grave concerns about painful and outdated cat testing at the Department of Veterans Affairs.” 

In the letter, which you can read in full here , the lawmakers cite disturbing details uncovered by WCW about the VA’s barbaric experiments—conducted at government labs in Cleveland, Louisville, and Los Angeles.

The Cleveland VA has “spent at least $3.4 million in taxpayer funds since 2016” to “purchase dozens of cats, perform invasive surgeries on them, damage their spinal cords and ultimately kill them for tests related to incontinence and constipation,” the lawmakers write.

“Records show that some of these cats exhibited distress, seizures, bloody urine, and depression, and at least one was euthanized due to surgery complications.”

At the Louisville VA, cats are purposely given spinal cord injuries, placed on treadmills, “then have their spinal cords completely severed before being killed.” The Louisville VA experiments cost taxpayers $324,383 in FY19 alone, and involve 80 cats. Eighty cats!

The Los Angeles VA experiments are perhaps most sickening of all…which is really saying something given the horrific nature of all these findings. There, government white coats spent a gobsmacking $5 million to implant electrodes in living cats’ brains. Then the cats “are killed and have their brains removed and dissected.”

“It’s worth noting that the LA VA ended its sleep disorder experiments on dogs in 2017 after it was determined that the tests were unnecessary and that alternatives were available,” the letter adds.

We’re Going To Cancel VA Cat Experiments Next

In July, the National Academies of Sciences issued a scathing WCW-led report affirming what we’ve been saying for years: the VA’s barbaric, taxpayer-funded dog testing program is wasteful, cruel, secretive, and in need of drastic reform.

As the Members of Congress write, there’s every reason to believe the VA’s failed kitten experiments also “may not be warranted.” (To put it very mildly!)

WCW already defunded the VA’s dog labs, and shut down the USDA’s “kitten slaughterhouse“ labwhich, at over $22 million and 3,000 corpses, was the largest cat abusing lab in the entire federal government.

We’ve now our sights on the VA’s kitten experiments! Together, we can and will make them stop.

We are very grateful to Reps. Titus and Mast, and their colleagues Eleanor Holmes Norton (D-DC), Nydia M. Velázquez (D-NY), Henry C. “Hank” Johnson Jr. (D-GA), Stephen F. Lynch (D-MA), Matt Gaetz (R-FL), Bill Posey (R-FL), Joe Neguse (D-CO), Jimmy Panetta (D-CA), Cheri Bustos (D-IL), Sanford D. Bishop Jr. (D-GA), Juan Vargas (D-CA), Cindy Axne (D-IA), Deb Haaland (D-NM), Steve Cohen (D-TN), Lucille Roybal-Allard (D-CA), Salud O. Carbajal (D-CA), Katie Porter (D-CA), Madeleine Dean (D-PA), Ted W. Lieu (D-CA), Richard E. Neal (D-MA), Andy Kim (D-NJ), Brian Fitzpatrick (R-PA), Brendan F. Boyle (D-PA), Peter A. DeFazio (D-OR), Alma S. Adams (D-NC), Jesús G. “Chuy” García (D-IL), Lisa Blunt Rochester (D-DE), and Lee Zeldin (R-NY), for their leadership in challenging the VA on its cruel and wasteful cat experiments.

Seven of the signatories are themselves veterans—Reps. Mast, Bishop, Carbajal, Panetta, DeFazio, Lieu, and Zeldin—making their commitment to this issue especially personal, and profound.

And thanks to you for your help in shutting these barbaric government labs down, as well.

Please take a moment to write and urge Congress to de-fund VA’s cat labs and make the VA adopt out the survivors!


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This situation reminds me of the wild horse advocate Velma Bronn Johnston who fought to protect wild horses & burros on state & federal lands from eradication. History keeps repeating the disregard for other species right to exist undisturbed. Government must be responsive to the sovereign public & promote progressive values. Citizenship requires us to hold the gov’t accountable & transparent.

This is a disgusting way to treat another being. To cut them up and do these types of things to them, and then to out right murder them because you are done with them. That money can be used for more important things. The list is long. The animals should be allowed to live out peacefully rest of their lives, not murdered. Enough us enough of letting this stuff go on!!

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