WATCH: Kitten Lady Joins WCW To Shut Down VA’s Taxpayer-Funded Kitten Labs And Save Survivors

Posted by Arin Greenwood
16 September 2020 | Newsworthy, VA

Kitten Lady Hannah Shaw is one of our favorite animal advocates. And when she roars…you’d better believe people listen.

We are thrilled and incredibly grateful that Kitten Lady has just joined our new campaign to shut down the Department of Veterans Affairs’ three secret kitten labs in Cleveland, Louisville, and Los Angeles—where, as we recently revealed, government white coats are purchasing, crippling, de-braining, and killing healthy 6-month-old kittens…to the tune of more than $8.4 million in taxpayer dollars.

Here is the absolutely a-meow-zing video Kitten Lady made about our efforts to end these sick and wasteful experiments, and how you can help

She also had our VP Justin Goodman on her wildly popular Instagram channel for an interview. We hope you’ll take a peek. It’s a terrific conversation!

Here’s the Santa Monica Observer on our joint efforts, with a 🔥🔥🔥 opening few paragraphs:

Sorry folks. Turns out, your tax dollars are being used to torture kittens. The Veterans’ Affairs Laboratory divisions in Louisville, Cleveland, and right here in Los Angeles are conducting cruel “experiments” on cats and kittens.

Healthy animals’ spines are snapped, devices are implanted in their bodies to force on-demand bowel movements, constipation is induced with the help of squeezing harnesses; and at the end of the process, any survivors are simply killed. After all, we can’t afford to waste taxpayer money on frivolous adoption programs.

If the 2020 pandemic disaster has taught us anything, it might well be that cutting up animals in labs has a dangerous risk of backfiring.

Kitten Lady is a great friend to us, and especially to cats. Last year she helped us shut down the biggest cat lab in the whole federal government: the USDA’s notorious “kitten slaughterhouse” lab.

At a government lab in Maryland, dismembered dogs and cats, some purchased from “wet markets” in China, were fed to the USDA’s doomed lab kittens.

And you were forced to pay for it. More than $22 million tax dollars were squandered. More than 3,000 kittens were killed.

Once we shut down the USDA’s massive monstrosity, we brought the lab’s survivors on a field trip to Capitol Hill to meet the lawmakers who saved them.

Now we’re going to do it again at the VA. With the help of Kitten Lady, Congress, and YOU we can and will make them stop.

Join the fight! Please take a moment to write and urge Congress to defund VA’s kitten labs and adopt out the survivors!

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Please do not torture these cats every animal should live in peace and contentment this needs to stop now

Please stop killing innocent Animals!

This has got to stop. How can the government justify this crelty.

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