Sen. Ernst Demands Fed Investigation of Wuhan Lab Funder, Other Rogue Labs Following WCW Exposé 💡💡💡

Posted by Arin Greenwood
16 March 2021 | Blog

Don’t you want to know if your tax dollars are being shipped to the Wuhan Animal Lab for dangerous coronavirus experiments on animals? We do. But taxpayer-funded rogue labs are taking your money and then keeping you in the dark about what they’re doing with it.

💡 💡 💡 Just in time for Sunshine Week, we are getting a very powerful assist in turning on the lights. 💡 💡 💡

Following our new exposé of spending transparency violations by EcoHealth Alliance—the shady U.S. non-profit that’s been secretively shipping your tax money to the Wuhan Animal Lab for treacherous coronavirus experiments that many believe caused the COVID-19 pandemic—Waste Warrior Sen. Joni Ernst (R-IA) is demanding answers about this and other rogue labs’ chronic and ongoing noncompliance with a long-standing law that requires anyone receiving taxpayer dollars to publicly disclose how much they spend.

In a strongly worded letter to the Health and Human Services’ Inspector General, Sen. Ernst demanded, among other things, a thorough review of HHS grantees’ adherence to spending disclosure law plus recommendations for ensuring full compliance.

Sen. Ernst called out EcoHealth in particular as an egregious example, whose violations of federal law not only thwart Congressional intent and taxpayers’ right to see how tax dollars are being spent, but also potentially put and continues to put global health at risk.

Here’s Townhall reporting on Sen. Ernst’s demand for an investigation, following our exposé:

The White Coat Waste Project helped uncover the scandal. As vice president Justin Goodman put it, we were funding “treacherous research in China.”

“We really need to get to the bottom of that,” Senator Joni Ernst said. “The American people really deserve answers…We don’t need to be sending dollars to communist China.”

So how about this: Does it sound right to you that EcoHealth Alliance and other rogue labs can take your money and hide what they’re doing with it, even when the law says otherwise?

Does that sound safe?

Taxpayers have the right to know who’s paying the bills… and who’s cashing the checks.

We are deeply grateful to Sen. Ernst for her ongoing leadership in taking on rogue labs. Transparency is one of the best ways to hold federal agencies and taxpayer-funded animal experimenters accountable for wasting money and abusing animals!

You can help! Please sign our petition telling Congress you want them to pass the Cost Openness and Spending Transparency Act, to require all taxpayer-funded animal experimenters to publicly disclose the cost of their wasteful projects, and cut labs’ money if they don’t comply!

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