Waste Of The Week: W.O.W., HELL TOUPEE! Your Tax $’s Spent To Graft Scalps From Aborted Human Fetuses Onto Mice

Posted by Arin Greenwood
01 April 2021 | Newsworthy, Waste of the Week

This edition of Waste of the Week is about some taxpayer-funded experiments, in which:

  • Scalps harvested from aborted human fetuses are transplanted onto mice and rats.
  • Then sicko white coats watch human hair grow on the animal victims, and take pictures.
  • And you’re forced to pay for it!

We call it HELL TOUPEE

(with thanks to The Simpsons, and Amazing Stories before that)


Oh yeah, the mice and rats are specifically bred to have weak immune systems, and are further irradiated in order to be even weaker.

Want to know how much of your money is being used for these sickening scalp transplants?

According to federal spending databases, the National Institutes of Health has handed the University of Pittsburgh $430,270 since 2018 for these “humanized” mouse and rat experiments.

Humanized animals are those who have been implanted with human body parts. This practice is common enough there’s a name for it!

This time they weren’t only transplanting the scalps of human fetuses, either. They used other organs, too. The thymus, liver, and spleen.

Still not enough torture for you?

These taxpayer-funded white coats also allowed staph infections to grow on the skin, that had been grafted onto these innocent victims.

The skin was grafted onto the mice and rats’ rib cages, by the way.

They had their own skin removed—”excised,” in the words of the researchers—and the skin sheared off human fetuses, secured there in its stead.

Are you shocked by the cruelty, by the EVERYTHING, of these disgusting experiments?

Here’s something more shocking still:

WCW’s new review finds nearly ALL NIH-funded research using human fetal tissue involves cruel animal testing, with taxpayers on the hook for over $100 MILLION per year.

And sometimes you won’t even know about it, because these experiments are mislabeled or kept hidden.

You have the right to know how much of your money is being spent to graft scalps from human fetuses onto mice and rats, and
all taxpayer-funded animal experiments.

That’s why we are working with lawmakers to pass the COST Act, which would put a public price tag on all taxpayer-funded animal experiments, and defund rogue labs that don’t comply.

Taxpayers have the right to know who’s paying the bills… and who’s cashing the checks. Please help by calling on Congress to pass the COST Act.

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