The Wuhan Animal Lab Does Awful Things with Your $… to ANIMALS!

Posted by Arin Greenwood
05 April 2021 | Newsworthy

Whether or not the COVID-19 pandemic actually sprung from a lab leak at Wuhan Animal Lab, here’s one thing we know for sure:

This lab is HORRIBLE to animals!

Exhibit A: this is an actual photo from inside the Wuhan Animal Lab.

And it’s a gargantuan torture chamber.

According to an archived version of its website, the Wuhan Animal Lab covers 1,216 square meters with “126 cages for Japanese white rabbits, 340 cages for SD and Wistar rats, 3268 cages for… genetically engineered mice, 12 cages for ferrets, 12 cages for bats… totaling 52 subspecies.”

At least that’s what it admits to.

The U.S. State Department reports it “engaged in classified research, including laboratory animal experiments, on behalf of the Chinese military since at least 2017.”

Meet Shi Zhingli, a.k.a. “Bat Woman.” She’s a top animal experimenter at the Wuhan Animal Lab.

Bat Woman “earned” her nickname for a very good reason.

She rounds up and traps coronavirus-infected bats in the wild… then transports the victims to the Wuhan Animal Lab.

Exhibit B: The Wuhan Animal Lab’s greedy white coats have no shame. Their M.O.? Bag and brag.

These poor wild bats even have holes punched in their wings for “barcoding” and lab ID purposes.

Snatched out of a cave. Stuffed in a cheap sack. Restrained against her will. Locked in this cage.

Imagine her awful life. Can you think of a worse fate for a wild animal?

Exhibit C: The Wuhan Animal Lab designed and patented this Medieval-looking torture device to confine wild bats.

Well, possibly.

As Exhibit D illustrates, Wuhan white coats film themselves injecting viruses into the brains of small mammals, using a pipette through what they actually describe as a “skull window.”

Exhibit D: Victims are deprived of water, restrained, electroshocked, and deliberately scared with loud noises in fear experiments.

A restraint device is implanted onto the victim’s skull. Metal bars restrain her head in a vise.

Then she’s tormented by an electroshock generator. It repeatedly delivers painful bursts of electricity to her feet.

She’s even deprived of water (for 23 hours each day!) to make her cooperate in exchange for a sip.

Almost gives new meaning to “Chinese water torture”, doesn’t it?

Come to think of it, that’s not even an appropriate description. You see, the Wuhan Animal Lab was actually paid for by YOUR AMERICAN TAX DOLLARS!

WCW was the first to expose this government scandal to the international media, in which part of a $3.7 million NIH grant funded this horrific cruelty. You paid the bill (payout #R01AI110964).

HEY BIG SPENDER! That’s not even all you racked up on your Wuhan tab.

Check out this cartoon. Cute, right?

The Wuhan Animal Lab intentionally infects these monkeys with COVID-19.

It injects them, probes them, and slaughters them… then harvests their organs.

Exhibit E: Here’s an actual photo of the poor monkeys’ lungs. Hope you’re not eating.

The Wuhan Animal Lab rips three-day-old piglets away from their mom for cannibalism experiments. Without a mother’s care, the babies stop growing. Some don’t make it at all.

The “lucky” survivors are forced to eat the ground-up intestines of other coronavirus-infected baby pigs just to see what happens. Surprise: horrible deaths happen.

The Wuhan Animal Lab also kills Chinese tree shrews (close relatives to primates). It cuts off their skin and conducts herpes experiments with “minced” samples removed from the shrews’ inner thighs and groins.

Oh. The Wuhan Animal Lab poisons and slaughters beagle puppies, too.

Exhibit F: we rest our case.

Bottom line: even if the Wuhan Lab Animal is innocent of starting the pandemic, it’s GUILTY of taxpayer-funded torture.

But is this how you want your money spent? We doubt it.

Blog Comments

Appalling; so hard to wrap ur brain around. This virus that has killed almost a million people….came from Wuhan and this horrible torture is continuing. It seems that Wuhan lacks any kind of consciousness; soul or regard for life.

They’re cruelty must be exposed on a grand scale!!

They’re cruelty must be exposed on a grand scale!

fricken disgusting

Stop this shameful animal abuse.

Evil people stop the experiments


Stop testing on animals. Period. Stop funding testing in animals in other countries. Stop funding and permitting testing in animals here in the USA.

Horrible, inhumane. Nothing good coming out of this

Stop this cruel and wicked madness now!!!!

Stop immediately!!!!


So horrific that these torturous tests are still being allowed! This MUST stop NOW!!


I do not believe the Wuhan lab is innocent of perpetrating COVID19 and they certainly are not innocent of committing horrific crimes against thousands of animals. What they do is non-science nonsense. The fact that the NIH is pumping our tax dollars into this huge fraud is mind-boggling and entirely unacceptable. Every one of us who is appalled and offended by these useless atrocities would do well to hound your Congresspeople and demand action to cut off all $$$$$$ to this dangerous, evil lab.

Find willing humans. Leave animals out of it. They don’t deserve such horror. Sickening

Stop cruel testing! It’s barbaric!!

I fully support stopping taxpayer-funded animal experiments. I stand with the white coat waste project!


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