Louisville VA Wastes Your $ To Cripple Kittens, Run on Treadmills, Turn Them Into ZOMBIES

Posted by Arin Greenwood
06 April 2021 | Newsworthy

We just shut down the Los Angeles VA’s sickening kitten mutilation lab.

Now we’re coming for one that might be even worse.

It’s a secret lab funded by the Louisville VA Medical Center, where documents obtained by WCW show how white coats are doing things to healthy kittens that make your heart hurt and your blood boil… on your dime:

  • “Snapping” kittens’ spines in order to disable them.
  • Forcing kittens to run on treadmills and through obstacle courses, before and after being crippled.
  • Injecting compounds directly into the kittens’ brains.

The kittens who survive this part of experimentation are then handed over to a different lab for even more horrific procedures:

They are essentially turned into zombies in what’s known as “decerebration” experiments.

That’s a fancy term they use to mean cutting off a cat’s brain function while they are still alive by knocking them out, severing their brain stems, and sometimes even removing pieces of their brain.

Then the taxpayer-funded white coats butcher and mutilate the kittens’ legs, while their brains are unable to respond.

After that the mutilated zombie kittens are forced to run on treadmills.

Here’s a video of a decerebrated cat on a treadmill, to give you a sense of what it looks like:

The experiments are categorized as “Column D,” meaning they are painful procedures.

There are no survivors. Not even the healthy cats purchased to be what these scientists term “controls,” who are not subjected to the painful procedures. They are killed too. For no reason at all.

Records WCW uncovered show 45 kittens have been purchased—for $881 apiece—mutilated, killed, and thrown away like garbage so far. We’re currently fighting to obtain more documents that the lab has refused to turn over.

The VA’s squandered $1,128,616 tax dollars already for these gory, wasteful experiments. 

The Louisville VA has already been approved to buy, mutilate, and kill up to 80 kittens.

Well we have a different plan.

We’re on the verge of ending ALL painful government cat experimentation. We got the LA VA kitten suffocation & de-braining lab shut down. Before that, we shut down the USDA’s “Kitten Slaughterhouse”—the government’s biggest, baddest cat lab.

The VA is the last government agency still abusing cats in painful experiments. 

When the money stops, the killing stops. 

They used your money to buy, hurt, and kill these kittens, and never told you their names. Tell them yours: Please help by writing to urge Congress to pass the CATS Act and defund the VA’s kitten labs!

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This should be stopped its foul an should never exist

These experimenters are monsters. what they are doing used to be called vivisection. This horrendous behavior must stop!!!

This is barbaric cruelty. Shut this insanity down.

As Americans we are forced to pay taxes. Taxes that supports the barbaric torture and killing of so many animals in lab studies often without adequate animal vs human results in the studies. I know most Americans don’t support the torture mutilation and killing of innocent animals much less wish to fund it. So why are we forced to do so with our hard earned tax dollars? As Americans were not free. We’re just lied to and told we are

This is barbaric how do those monsters live with themselves. Stop this now

Only a depraved person who enjoys inflicting pain and torture would be involved in this barbaric action on helpless and innocent animals..stop this horror show now!!!


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