From PPP to PPP: Org That Shipped Tax $ To The Wuhan Animal Lab Got ANOTHER Pandemic Bailout Check

Posted by Justin Goodman
16 April 2021 | Blog

Corrupted lab leak denier Peter Daszak and his group EcoHealth Alliance (EHA) have gone from exploiting one taxpayer-funded PPP program—wasting millions on treacherous Potential Pandemic Pathogen (i.e. “gain-of-function”) experiments at the Wuhan Animal Lab—to bilking another, the Paycheck Protection Program.

Remember when we told you that the corrupted non-profit that sent your tax money to the Wuhan Animal Lab for reckless coronavirus experiments that may have caused the pandemic got a taxpayer-funded bailout of $750,000?

Well, it happened again.  As first reported by The Daily Caller, our investigators just uncovered that EcoHealth Alliance got ANOTHER TAXPAYER-FUNDED BAILOUT of almost the same amount.

EcoHealth Alliance bailout

EcoHealth—which received $25 million in taxpayer-funded grants and contracts in 2020 alone—also managed to squeeze two separate $700,000+ COVID bailout checks from Uncle Sam in May 2020, and, now, another in February 2021.

EcoHealth has continued to rake in millions in new NIH and DOD payouts even though Congress, media and others have called for investigations into its role in secretively funding the Wuhan Animal Lab and possibly causing the pandemic.

EcoHealth is also continuing to rake in our dough even though we busted them for repeatedly breaking federal law by not disclosing how much money they shipped to the Wuhan Animal Lab for treacherous coronavirus experiments on bats and other animals.

EcoHealth Alliance bailout

Money Grab: Here is EcoHealth president & WHO Inspector Peter Daszak toasting with Wuhan Institute of Virology animal experimenter Shi Zhengli, who is known as “Bat Woman”

So, to sum up once again, because it’s an important story with a lot of moving parts:

  • EcoHealth got a lot of your 💰 from the NIH.
  • They gave some of that 💰, in turn, to the Wuhan Animal Lab.
  • These taxpayer-funded experiments may have caused the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Then, EcoHealth got TWO federal bailouts 💰, also funded with tax dollars, intended to help Americans get through the pandemic.
  • And, all the while, EcoHealth is still getting MILLIONS in taxpayer-funded grants and contracts 💰

Yeah. It’s outrageous.

Not safe, and not right.

That’s why WCW is urging Congress and the White House to defund EcoHealth now and secure an independent investigation into the pandemic’s origins.

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We need a major investigation into who funded ecohealth and who sent wuhon lab complex that created this Chinese virus that has killed millions! Xi should be held accountable for the economic costs in EVERY country in the world!

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