BUSTED: They Transplanted Fingers From Aborted Human Fetuses Into Mice, Then Gave TAXPAYERS The Finger Too

Posted by Arin Greenwood
19 April 2021 | Waste of the Week


When NIH-funded white coats implant fingers and femurs from aborted human fetuses into young mice and keep their spending a secret, we call that a gross, gross misuse of taxpayer dollars.

Not so fun facts: According to the published report about this experiment, the human fetuses whose fingers were harvested were 10-18 weeks old. The fingers were implanted into the young mice for 6-18 weeks “to ensure optimal xenograft engraftment.” 12 “human fetal samples” were purchased for use in this experiment. The experimenters did not specify how many mice they purchased and abused.

In this case, the taxpayer dollars were provided to Stanford University by the NIH.

How many taxpayer dollars, you ask? We can’t tell you because, as first reported by Fox News, we just exposed how Stanford’s animal experimenters failed to disclose the amount of taxpayer dollars they wasted on these disgusting finger transplantation experiments—even though federal law says they have to.

Oh but wait, it gets worse. A LOT worse.

Not only did Stanford not face any consequences for breaking the law, the NIH went and funded a SECOND experiment, involving snipping fingers off human fetuses and transplanting them onto mice.

Did Stanford follow federal spending disclosures this time, perhaps?

The fingers this time, again, came from 18-week-old human fetuses. They were implanted into 5-day-old mice. Four weeks after implantation, the taxpayer-funded white coats broke the fingers and left them, fractured, on the baby mice for another two weeks.

Nah. They sure didn’t, and they admitted as much in the Fox story above! And the NIH doesn’t care.

So we’ve filed a federal complaint about it.

For Pete’s sake, don’t you think rogue labs should face consequences when they break federal spending disclosure laws??

Especially when they do it over and over?

They like fingers so much? Well we’ve got one we’d like to point their way for all this secretive, taxpayer-funded cruelty.

You probably don’t have to work too hard to guess which one it is.

As WCW recently exposed, 90 percent of taxpayer-funded human fetal tissue experiments involve animal testing, and a majority of both Democrat and Republican voters want that to stop.

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