Waste Of The (Tax) Week: W.O.W., They Did Testicular Transplants Between Human Fetuses, Monkeys, And Irradiated Mice, Wasting Your $. WHAT BALLS!

Posted by Amanda Nieves

It’s Tax Week! And this edition of Waste of the Week is called WHAT BALLS!

Believe it or not, your money was wasted for not one but TWO nutty experiments involving, dismembered human fetuses, irradiated mice, and dissected monkey testicles.

First up, some taxpayer-funded white coats extracted testicle cells from monkeys and aborted human fetuses, then implanted the cells into irradiated “nude mice” who’d been specially bred to have compromised immune systems.

The mice were killed, “and the testes removed, visually inspected, documented as being soft or hard, and weighed.”

After all that cruelty, the big conclusion, according to these vivisectors, was that they should really do more experiments where they implant testicular cells from one animal into the body of another.

Number two is another giant sac of wasteful cruelty.

Here we’ve got some sicko white coats using taxpayer dollars to slice up testicles harvested from human fetuses, as well as embryonic mice and primates, to compare how they look under a microscope.

So that’s number two. 

These experiments are not only unfathomably cruel but incredibly expensive and wasteful. In other words, the family jewels had to be hocked for all the cash it took to swap testicles between species.

Your family jewels, that is.

According to records obtained by WCW, the human fetal tissue portion of the project cost you at least $14,616,696, with the NIH giving all that cash to the University of Washington which supplies the aborted fetuses to the vivisectors. Over $130 million in taxpayer dollars went to other supporting grants.

The thing is rogue labs want to keep abusing animals with your money and keep you in the dark while they do it.

We say it’s time to turn on the light.

Taxpayers have the right to know who’s paying the bills… and who’s cashing the checks.

Tell Congress to pass the Cost Openness and Spending Transparency Act—the COST Act—a law that would require putting a public price tag on all taxpayer-funded projects and withhold your money when those taking the cash don’t comply.

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