Fauci Funds Maximum Pain for Animals With Your Tax Dollars

Posted by Amanda Nieves
14 May 2021 | Blog


Whatever you think of Dr. Anthony Fauci, whatever good things he may have done on other issues, one thing is clear: he SUCKS on taxpayer-funded animal testing!

We’ve told you all about how Anthony Fauci and the NIH shipped your tax dollars to the Wuhan Animal Lab for dangerous coronavirus experiments on bats and other animals that many experts believe could have caused the COVID-19 pandemic.

But, Fauci isn’t just funding horrendous animal tests overseas. He also runs some of the most painful animal labs in the entire U.S. government!

The Fauci-run National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) wastes millions of your tax dollars to conduct maximum pain experiments that subject animals to excruciatingly painful procedures and then intentionally withhold pain relief.  These horrendous animal tests are conducted in NIAID labs near the nation’s capital as well as its controversial Rocky Mountain Laboratory in Hamilton, Montana.

You don’t have to take our word for it. Below, read descriptions of these horrendous experiments in the NIAID’s own words:

Under Fauci’s watch, maximum pain experiments on primates at the NIH exploded a staggering 370 percent in recent years.

Is this how you want your money spent? Fortunately, with your support, we’ve made major progress towards exposing and ending wasteful and cruel NIH animal experiments, like the NIH Fear Factory.

You can help! Please take a moment to ensure Dr. Fauci doesn’t ship any more of your money to the Wuhan Animal Lab.

Documents obtained via a White Coat Waste project Investigation:

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That guy needs to be tested on,other people like him! Sick,twisted

Fauchi is a demonic, sick, personification of evil. A must read book is The Real Dr. Fauchi by Bobby Kennedy, Jr. You have no idea of the cruelty, and total lack of regard for children and adults. Because he is in charge of billions of research dollars across the globe, scientists fear if they expose him they will never receive research money again. I’m convinced he tortured animals as a child. The man is sick and deranged. When will the insanity 3nd???


He commits FELONY ANIMAL ABUSE on thousands of innocent animals. He is a criminal and TAXPAYERS DEMAND THIS FLOW OF OUR MONEY CEASE NOW!! 😡

According to Robert Kennedy, Jr. one of Fauci’s funded experiments took place over seas and involved attaching a wire screen box over the beagles’ heads and leaving them outdoors until their faces were chewed off by parasitic flies. It took a couple of months to accomplish this disgusting experiment. Beagles were used due to their gentle, kind demeanor. Who in their right mind funds this???

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