LAWSUIT: What’s NIH Doing to Hundreds of Dogs on Taxpayers’ Dime?

Posted by Amanda Nieves
08 September 2021 | Blog

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) and Anthony Fauci are under fire from WCW and Congress for shipping tax dollars to labs in the US and overseas for painful and outdated experiments on beagles.

But that’s not the end of the story. The NIH also abuses dogs in its own taxpayer-funded labs in Maryland, and it’s keeping it secret in violation of federal law.

Beagle abused in painful experiments in an NIH lab run by Anthony Fauci. Photo obtained by WCW via FOIA.

Recent federal reports show that in 2020, the NIH itself abused 221 dogs in experiments, many of which involved causing the animals significant pain and distress.

We also uncovered a federal contract showing that last year the NIH spent $19,220 to buy male beagles “15-17 months of age” for use in unspecified experiments.

We’ve sought more information about this contract and the related experiments through the Freedom of Information Act, but the NIH has refused to hand over any documents FOR OVER 16 MONTHS.  So, we’ve filed a federal lawsuit to compel the agency to cough up records about what it’s doing to dogs on taxpayers’ dime.

There’s definitely cause for alarm, too. Back in 2016, we exposed how Fauci’s NIH lab had purchased beagle puppies and strapped capsules of infected flies onto their bare skin to infect them with diseases.  These are actual photos from those experiments:

Tattooed ear of a beagle abused in painful experiments in an NIH lab run by Anthony Fauci. Photo obtained by WCW via FOIA.

Taxpayers have a right to know how their money is being spent! And we’re fighting to ensure you do!

Join us! Tell your Members of Congress that you don’t want your tax dollars wasted on abusing dogs and puppies in cruel and unnecessary NIH experiments!

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Stop using animals for experimentation

There is no need of experimentation on any living being- STOP EXPERIMENTATION NOW!!

Inflicting pain on God’s creatures in the name of science is disgraceful and you and your coworkers should be arrested – for what? money? Shame on you!!!

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