WCW LAWSUIT VICTORY: USDA Sold Lab Cat Survivors For $1 as “Excess Property”

Posted by Amanda Nieves
16 September 2021 | Kitten Slaughterhouse, Newsworthy

Back in 2019, WCW got the USDA to retire and release the feline survivors of its $22 million “Kitten Slaughterhouse” lab.

This was the first time we know of that the USDA retired survivors after experiments ended, and we want to ensure that it’s not the last.

So, earlier this year, Congress passed WCW-backed legislation directing the USDA to develop an agency-wide lab animal retirement policy like other agencies have already done because, so far, the USDA has refused to do so.

New documents obtained by WCW through a successful lawsuit against the USDA underscore why this policy is so important.

USDA records show that because they didn’t have a lab animal adoption policy in place, the cats had to be sold as “excess property” for $1 each, no different than a stapler, paper clips or rolls of tape.

Following WCW’s #GiveThemBack campaign, other agencies like the National Institutes of Health, Dept. of Veterans Affairs and Food and Drug Administration have robust policies in place outlining policies and procedures for adopting out survivors to individuals, rescues and sanctuaries, instead of selling them off like surplus office equipment.

The newly-reintroduced Violet’s Law would ensure that USDA joins these agencies.

Take action! Urge your Congress members to cosponsor the AFTER Act—aka Violet’s Law—to provide a second chance to animals abused in wasteful government experiments!

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Discussting & wicked U.S. government & it’s agencies. Ashamed to call myself an American!!

Where are your morals and ethics ?! The human race is the worst species on this planet. You are as big part of it.

Please support the After Act to give a second chance to animals abused by this government in useless and horrific medical experiments.

Animals are not our property but sanctioned beings, they need to be treated with respect.

I believe all experiments on animals should be stopped. Until that law is passed, animals used in experiments should then be adopted afterwards.

Innocent breathing, heart beating lives…

Save these defenseless animals.

Be kind to all animals, they feel pain!!!

Geben Sie diesen armen Tieren eine zweite Chance

ALL innocent animals deserve and should be treated humanely; with respect, dignity, compassion and love.
There’s NO excuse for cruelty, neglect or abuse.
Rescue and adopt these animals out of this horrendous situation.

Give these animals some love and a new way of life. Whats wrong with this? Everything!!!

There is no polite way to describe what you’re doing the people who kill these animals are assholes morons pathetic little desperate people,,,,, No excuse me not people I don’t know what to call them but they’re definitely not people maybe doubles in the Disguise

All violence is wrong. More laws for animals.

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