How We Did It: NIH Director Resigns Following WCW’s Wuhan Lab $ Exposé

Posted by Amanda Nieves

Politico reports that Francis Collins, Director of the National Institutes of Health, is stepping down. The 12-year NIH boss is resigning amid the Wuhan Animal Lab funding scandal, first exposed by the White Coat Waste Project.

All we can say is: it’s about time.

Collins has been on the wrong side of taxpayer-funded animal experimentation for a very, very long time.

In a 2011 op-ed, co-authored by Dr. Fauci, Collins called gain-of-function research a “risk worth taking.”

We disagree with that.

On April 11, 2020, WCW shocked the world when our investigators first revealed to the UK’s Daily Mail that the NIH was funding dangerous and wasteful experiments on bats and animals in Wuhan.

Our Daily Mail investigation proved that NIH awarded the grant to a then-little-known nonprofit called EcoHealth Alliance. In turn, EcoHealth subcontracted the tax money to the Wuhan lab.

Our blockbuster exposé went…well it went…there’s just no other word for it: viral.

As Sharri Markson writes in her landmark new book, What Really Happened in Wuhan:

Apparently, Dr. Collins thought that sending money to the Wuhan Animal Lab for dangerous gain-of-function experiments was a good use of taxpayer money.

We disagree with that, too.

Of course, Dr. Collins vehemently denied ever funding gain-of-function research — but we know that’s not true.

WCW spoke out early and often about the need to defund the Wuhan labs (there are more than one!).

We know Francis Collins was listening, too. Here’s the proof.

These documents, released via FOIA, show staff at NIH and NIAID in a panicked meltdown, after our team pushed the WCW investigation and media coverage to Congressman Matt Gaetz and Senator Marco Rubio.

Email after email shows NIH brass trying to do ‘damage control’ after we exposed their misuse of taxpayer money.

This internal NIH email to Dr. Collins and Dr. Fauci complains that “The WH [White House] has strongly embraced concerns raised by Congressman Gaetz who is publicly criticizing HHS/NIH for funding the Wuhan laboratory’s bat research.

On Tuesday, April 14, Rep. Gaetz took our little investigation on Tucker Carlson’s show:

Turns out, someone in the Oval Office was watching TV that night.

Original post (4/17/20)

On April 17 — just six days after we launched the investigation — in front of the entire nation, President Trump canceled the grant during his daily coronavirus briefing. He called it “tremendous WASTE in the government.”

This is why we fight the War on Waste. And this is why we keep winning.

So long, Dr. Collins. Let’s hope the new NIH Director will be more responsible with our money.

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Great success!

I think it is Horrible to use any animals for experiments!!!

Stop using my Tax dollars to torture and kill animals!! This barbaric behavior is sociopathic!!

Deeply grateful for your steadfast diligence in exposing this purposeful abuse and suffering under the guise of research!

Animals should NOT have to suffer cruel experiments in any labs anywhere! The Animals do Not owe these researchers a living. They are exploited and tortured because of greed and tyranny, and for too long, they suffer what no human would It is just wrong! Justice For Animals, Everywhere!

My question is why hasn’t Dr. Fauci resigned. He co-authored the research. Dr. Fauci lied
to Congress. Dr. Fauci needs to go


THANK YOU, THANK YOU! I could not have said it better. Perfect!

Seriously?! This is the best we can do now. Abuse animals in the name of what? Oh, Because. We. Can.

Please save God’s creatures God Bless. Please be Humane!!!

Am so grateful to White Coast Waste for exposing and influencing the defunding of our tax dollars to the Wuhan Lab in China and Dr. Fauci’s needless and cruel experiments on beagles and any other cruel animal experiments. How can he and his cohorts sleep at night?

Good work.
Let’s keep everything transparent.

Thanks for the info keep up the good work

Please stop this torture on innocent animals.

thank you for fighting to stop the cruel and useless experiments on animals please continue the fight for these poor creatures who are so horribly treated

All of these people are abusive. They should go to prison, and made to pay a hefty fine. Studies indicate that people who perform tests on animals are 1,000 more likely to be abusive to their families. Don’t believe me look it up. WCWP keep up the good work.

Save the innocent animals allowing them to be safe and free

Animals have no way of defending themselves from this arrogant humans who mame and kill them. They are a living species like a human, except they don’t talk, but they have instincts and feelings. I certainly disagree with the funding of the grants for the Wuhan’s project.

I implore you to get Fauci out of office as quickly ad possible he is a dementef man the horrors hePlease vondonef are unthinksble.These precious animals have to be savef
And save yhose innocent beautuful beagles fromhis evil torment
ZzIt’s disgusying and unthinkable and not any words for the horrors.!

No animal is ours to torture for any cause. This is Frankenstein science. We can do better and must

E need to put a stop to researching and making viruses in a lab we need to not play god making half human and animals for their organs

Gli animali hanno diritto di vivere secondo natura, essere liberi senza subire le torture che gli vengono imposte dall’uomo

Can’t thank you enough. I donated!

So appalling. Fauci must be held accountable. He did this too. Making billions$$$ from the blood of innocent animals and how many people died from the virus.

So, please do tell me EXACTLY how Fauci made “billions…..”?
I’m very curious as to how you have drawn this conclusion.
And from what sources.

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