BREAKING: WCW Cuts the Crap, Ends VA’s Million-Dollar Cat-stipation Experiments

Posted by Amanda Nieves
14 October 2021 | Newsworthy, VA

Last year, we exposed how the Department of Veterans Affairs’ lab in Cleveland was abusing kittens in cruel and wasteful constipation experiments.

Now, following a WCW campaign and pressure from Congress, the VA has cut the crap and shut down this waste and abuse!

As we uncovered, the VA was purchasing healthy kittens, performing invasive surgeries to implant electrodes to remotely stimulate their colons. Some of the cats had artificial stool made from “bran, potato flour and saline” inserted into their anuses for the experiments. Records show the experimental procedures caused cats distress, seizures, bloody urine, and even depression. At the end of the experiments, the cats were killed and dissected.

The cost to taxpayers like you? $1,025,210 since 2017. But no more of your money will be wasted to abuse cats in these crude experiments.

This is just the latest victory in our effort to find, expose and defund all of the VA’s cat experimentation. Earlier this year, we shut down invasive and deadly brain experiments on kittens at the Los Angeles VA.

There are now just two active cat experiments left at the VA—the last two painful cat labs in the entire federal government—and Congress has directed the agency to phase them out by 2025. But you can help us cut them off sooner.

Urge Congress to take action and defund all experiments on cats at the VA!

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These experiments serve no useful purpose and I don’t want my tax dollars spent on cruel experiments that torture animals and then murder them when done with them.

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