CASE STUDY: How WCW Exposed the Role of Anthony Fauci in Funding Abusive Animal Experiments

Posted by Amanda Nieves


Since this article was published, WCW has exposed even more wasteful, torturous experiments funded by Dr. Anthony Fauci and the NIH. Learn more at the links below:

EXPERIMENT #5: November 2021, Kansas State University
WCW unearthed a fifth beagle experiment, greenlit by Dr. Fauci’s NIAID. Beagle puppies are injected with a lab-made “mutant” variant of a tick-transmitted bacteria and bitten by up to 250 ticks that feast on their blood for up to a week. After 8 weeks of testing, the puppies are killed.

EXPERIMENT #6: November 2021
WCW found a sixth wasteful experiment funded by Dr. Fauci. 10 beagles were intentionally infected with 200 heartworm larvae. After the worms fed on the dogs’ hearts and lungs for six full months, the worms were saved…but the dogs were killed.

EXPERIMENT #7: May 2022
Documents WCW obtained through FOIA show that NIAID is shelling out $1.8 million+ of your money (payout: 75N93021C00044) for unnecessary and wasteful animal tests on an experimental new medicine for a runny nose and sneezing associated with allergies (technically called allergic rhinitis or hay fever). These experiments—including tests on six-month-old puppies—being planned by white coats at NIAID will likely involve force-feeding dogs mega-doses of this experimental runny nose medicine (and then killing them).

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Anthony Fauci should be incarcerated for the rest of his life for putting these beagles through these torturous so called experiments!


yes, we need to take his evil ass to a Judged have him spend the rest of his sick days in prison if this was anyone else torturing innocent animals for nothing, they would serve time as well i hate this freak man so much you have no idea, I have had bad thoughts about him I just never act on, he makes my skin crawl he his insane for real!!! I whoulddlike to go there to this evil lab and protest outside even it took months to release an close it down .

You’re right! How can we make that happen?

Give everyone their money back and see that the beagles are saved and put up for adoption. Stop the testing NOW.

Do the testing of the beagles on the Humane testers and do not use the dogs so the dogs do not have to be put down, only the human scientists.

I could hardly look at the sickening photos. And to think this has been going on for years with impunity. This is blatant animal abuse and Fauci should be charged as such.

This is barbaric! There should be no more testing on any animals and let all those being experimented on go free from all the hell they’ve experienced and find them good forever homes. Put that man in jail forever.

Yes I agree! It is horrific animal abuse and fauci should be held accountable.

Integrity is like an Endangered Species- so hard to find! Don’t forget-The Entire World is Watching You! Be a Leader!!

Dr. Fuchi is a cruel

Dr. Fuchs is a big hypocrite. I thought he was one of the good people who cared for animals. Obviously, I was mistaken big time!!!!

Now that wld be awesome.

Serial killers start with the torture and murder of animals.

U r rt. This is a sign of serial killing. I’ll bet u he does this in place of it. It’s still killing. And yr rt. This wld be jail time for anyone else. Yup. Fauci is favored just bc of his money. The gov went bad. So yah. Yup it did.

Those Beagles should be rescued and Dr. Fauchi put in there instead if he wants to know about sandflies they will eat him alive!😆

I agree!

I am sickened by these experiments on any animal. These people who practice such cruelty on any animal need to have the same experiments performed on themselves. There is a hell for these cruel people and they belong there.

I agree..I believe there is a hell for these cruel people!

This is terrible

Fauci should do cocaine until his heart explodes!!

To hear about these experiments sickens me – innocent animals tortured and then killed. Animals weren’t meant to be experimented on and brutalized. Animals should be respected – they have inherited this earth too and deserve to live in peace. All life is sacred.


Fauci needs to be locked up for many reasons. However, we will keep paying him a huge salary.

Tie Fauchi to a red ant hill and let them chew on him.

put this devil in an enclosed cage, tie his hands and turn the flies loose on him.

Lets dissect him after the flies eat him!!!!!!

I always thought Dr. Fauchi helped animals. I was obviously wrong – Big Time. He should be arrested for animal cruelty. What a hypocrite!!!

Prosecute him to the full extent of the law and sanction him by taking away his medical license just for starters.

I’m utterly disgusted by the experimentation Anthony Faucci has performed! The evidence of his unjust mistreatment of the beloved beagle is revolting!!!

If you all need test dummies so bad pay people to do it don’t take any of the animals that do not choose it everyone that’s in these Labs deserve to get the same treatment right back put them in from the front of the Ohio Judge see what happens absolutely pathetic absolutely disgusting and the US government is beyond there’s not going to work for it this is the only time I really feel completely disgrace to be American can’t believe they’re allowing this and as someone that owns a beagle I hope Karma gets every single one of them

If all this is true, even if just a little bit of it, and you really don’t care about animals to the point that you’ll experiment on them in cruel and unusual ways, then you don’t really care about the well being of people either. Therefore, you are then discredited in everything you say about the overall health of our society and should not be trusted. You already shouldn’t be trusted for trying to hide this truth. This makes you look like a complete liar and asshole. Why pretend to be a person with a conscience on TV when this is who you really are? It’s very disturbing & despicable of you. Anyone who hurts animals, esp in the name of science is a cruel heartless person and doesn’t deserve any love of any kind themselves. You clearly don’t respect or recognize individuals for who and what they are.

Please I am begging for this to stop

I was researching for causes that republicans and democrats agree on when I found this horror. Thank God we do all agree and are ready to march in the streets. How can anyone not? The Harvard primate experiments are just as evil and sick. People need to be fired. Refuse to pay taxes! March with me!. Stop this horror.

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