Following WCW Campaign, Rep. Nancy Mace Presses Fauci about Monkey Island

Posted by Amanda Nieves
30 November 2021 | Blog

There are some things you never want to find in your yard. Sinkholes. Skeletons. Booby traps.

But if you’re South Carolina Congresswoman Nancy Mace, whose congressional district includes the state’s coastal islands, there’s something else you don’t want to find: Dr. Fauci’s island of monkey death.

After WCW investigators revealed the dark secrets of ‘monkey island’ — such as the fact that hundreds of monkeys are taken from the island every year, and then subjected to some of the government’s cruelest, most painful experiments, including being infected with Ebola virus — Rep. Mace demanded information from Dr. Fauci, whose division of the NIH owns the monkeys, bankrolls the island, and is responsible for these primate atrocities.

As first reported by Timcast, in a scathing letter (available below), Congresswoman Mace — who’s also hounding Fauci about #BeagleGate — pressed Fauci for information on Morgan Island, including the amount of taxpayer money used for NIAID’s horrifying monkey experiments, and a complete list of all experiments performed on primates since January 1, 2020.

Read the full letter below

Rep. Mace concluded her letter with a VERY important question: what, if anything, is NIAID doing “to seek alternatives to testing on dogs, cats and primates”?

It’s a great question, especially in light of #BeagleGate. Many departments and agencies within the federal government are reducing, and even eliminating, their animal experiments. Thanks to WCW’s advocacy, the Environmental Protection Agency announced that it would end animal testing by 2035. We also worked closely with Congress to ensure that the Department of Veterans Affairs would phase out testing on primates, cats and dogs by 2025.

But while most departments are drawing down their animal experiments, the NIH is ramping them up, both domestically and internationally. With nearly half of its $40 billion annual budget spent on animal experiments — including the cruel and wasteful tests on monkeys from Morgan Island — the NIH is the world’s biggest spender on animal experiments.

You’re paying for these experiments, but you shouldn’t have to. Taxpayers shouldn’t have to underwrite government-sponsored cruelty.

Take action! Sign our petition, and tell the NIH to stop its taxpayer-funded primate experiments!

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