Coke Hounds? WCW Exposes $2M+ NIH Cocaine Tests on Puppies to Fulfill Deadly FDA Red Tape

Posted by Amanda Nieves
30 January 2022 | Blog


Some things are better together. Cake and frosting. Peanut butter and jelly. Hot chocolate and marshmallows.

Other things should be kept far, far apart. Garlic and ice cream. Hot sauce and brownies.

And now, White Coat Waste Project (WCW) investigators have found another terrible pairing, courtesy of NIDA (the National Institute on Drug Abuse, part of the National Institutes of Health), and paid for with your tax dollars: puppies and cocaine.

Coke Hounds

FRONT PAGE NEWS! Our investigation was featured on front page of The Washington Times on February 2, 2022

In a new experiment we discovered through the Freedom of Information Act, seven 6-month-old beagle puppies were trained to wear a jacket. We know that doesn’t sound too bad — but this wasn’t a normal jacket. It wasn’t a puppy raincoat or a cute dog costume. Instead, this jacket served a cruel purpose: to inject the animal wearing it with drugs.

Coke Hounds
Through this special drug-injecting jacket, puppies were dosed with cocaine again and again and again for months, along with an ‘experimental compound,’ to see how the two drugs interacted. The experiment, which ran from September 2020 to September 2021 (with a report due May 2022), was filmed, so experimenters could see if the puppies had any “adverse reactions” to the drugs. Prior to being drugged, the dogs were also forced to undergo surgery, where they were implanted with a “telemetry unit” to monitor their vital signs throughout the experiment.

At the end of the experiment, the ‘coke hounds’ were either killed or “recycled” — meaning they were shipped off to be used in other wasteful, cruel, and unnecessary experiments.

Coke Hounds
We wish we could say this was the only drug experiment on puppies from NIDA that we found, but, sadly, that’s not the case.

A second experiment, which ran from March 2020 until March 2021, also used special jackets to inject beagles with cocaine. Six puppies were used in these experiments.

Why do the same experiment twice? Why even do it once? We don’t know — but what we do know is that you’re footing the bill. These two experiments cost taxpayers over $2.3 million dollars.

Coke Hounds

These dogs experienced more pain before their first birthday than any dog should have to experience in its lifetime — all for the purpose of writing a report. According to documents we obtained via FOIA requests, the report “may be submitted by NIDA to the FDA” — even though the FDA has said that it does not require drugs to be tested in dogs.

Coke Hounds

And who’s doing the experiments, and receiving your money? The experiments were contracted to SRI International — the same organization that spent taxpayer money to poison and “de-bark” beagle puppies. Since they didn’t have the correct equipment, however, they outsourced their experiments to Charles River Laboratories — the same organization that “maintains” the monkeys of Morgan Island, so they can be used in wasteful and cruel NIH experiments.

Coke Hounds

We don’t believe that taxpayers should be forced to pay for animal abuse or that Uncle Sam should force federal agencies to abuse puppies in wasteful tests. If you agree, take action!

Urge Congress to defund the NIH’s deadly cocaine experiments on puppies!

Blog Comments

I am a US Veteran and taxpayer that does NOT want our tax dollars spent on TORTURING INNOCENT CREATURES in USELESS “EXPERIMENTS” !

I do NOT want my hard earned tax dollars used to abuse animals! These creatures do not deserve this treatment. Let them go to a loving home, please. This makes me sick.

Defund this torture on these dogs!!!!!!!

It’s horrific and disgusting and wrong

Please stop doing these horrible inhuman expierments on these poor innocent puppies.

This, along with every other sick and evil test or trial must end. These practices only serve one purpose and that is to torture poor, innocent animals. They do not provide any vital or needed information and I, along with endless others, will never support or understand such evil.

Stop this horrific insanity!!!

This has to stop!!!

This is crazy and completely unnecessary please end this cruelty!

Please protect the animals; being used for horrific; unnecessary research.

The NIH is sounding like Mengeles lab. These tests are unconscionable and must be stopped.

Please, help this poor animals. THEY NEED HELP AND WE CAN HELP..

Stop spending our taxes on shit like this these are poor animals that know no better but we should stop somebody will have to answer for this maybe not here but in heaven how are you going to explain your actions when you can’t even explain your actions to your taxpayers stop now

Please stop these cruel and unnecessary experiments. As a taxpayer, I do not want my money spent on wasteful experiments that torture living sentient beings. Your experiments are done in hiding, there is definitely a reason for this. Transparency is a must!

I don’t understand how people can hurt & torture innocent animals! You would have to be sick to do what they do! Please end the experimenting on any animal.

Pro-Non Humans!!!!!!! Pray to God torturers!!!

Omg. How do you people sleep at nite


Many Americans are sickened by the NIH et al experiments on animals, especially dogs and cats. This insane and cruel methodology is done to employ useless lab assistants and unnecessary medical labs. Laws are not being followed and inhumane and cruel experimentation needs to stop. As taxpayers we will make it our mission to defund you if you cannot be ethical and sensitive to this outrageous behavior. STOP HURTING ANIMALS!

I do not support tax payer funds going towards cruel experiments on animals such as these! I urge you to defund ASAP.


How horrific! To conduct these experiments with no reason

Unnecessary and uncalled for ..There is a million Americans walking the street right now already addicted to drugs who wouldn’t mind your repulsive should absolutely be ashamed of doing such things


This horrific place needs to be shut down immediately!

Thank you for exposing these abusive and tax payer funded projects. Fauci should be in jail for all he has done.

STOP the torture!!!

This is a morbid sick waste of tax payer money and a horrific abuse to innocent animals! Those responsible should be prosecuted and jailed at the very least. If justice were left to me they’d get far worse than that!!! I’m outraged at this kind of abuse!

Do this to yourself

What is wrong with you low life cowardly scum bags these experiments are totally barbaric and not necessary can’t wait till you are judged for your inhumanity to God creatures

This is unacceptable, barbaric, inhumane and absolutely unnecessary. Please, end this.

NO, NO, NO !!!!!! STOP animal testing !!!! It’s cruel and inhumane !!!! We humans should be ashamed of our selves. We are better than that. Please stop torturing these precious little souls. 🙏💔🙏💔🙏💔

I do not want tax dollars being used to murdering innocent dogs, or any other animals. These so called doctors are nothing more than Monsters. I have signed a petition about, We the people Vote on where all the Tax Money goes, this horrific testing would stop if petition goes through, please sign when see it to stop this awful mess, Thou Shalt Not Kill.

I can’t even fathom what the purpose of this cruel “so called” experiment is. Who are these ruthless people? Why is the government allowing idiots to torture animals & shoot them up with illegal drugs! Their test subjects should be drug addicts! They would be more than willing to get shot up with drugs for free, no payment from the taxpayers would be necessary!
Better yet let Fauci be the 1st test subject, and let him endure the same experience that these animals do. There’s not one logical reason to be using any animal for useless data involving any poisonous substances or any illegal drugs.
WTF is wrong with these people? Maybe they’re dipping into the stash themselves while
they’re torturing these defenseless animals!
Anyone else, besides the government, would be in jail for possession. Why are they exempt from having these drugs in their possession in the first place? Fauci needs to be held accountable for his actions!

Well it’s good to know that they have several bone-headed
“veterinarians observing the
animals in case they show signs of illness or distress, so they can euthanize them immediately”. (Refer to section 8.6 Veterinarian Care) of the torturous experiments stated above. Are these veterinarians brain dead? And what about the oath that these veterinarians took “to do no harm”? Are they shooting up before observing the lab workers performing these cruel experiments? Maybe the lab workers are shooting up as well? And why is the government supplying illegal drugs to do these cruel experiments on animals?
I’m sure there wouldn’t be a lack of humans that are more than willing to be shot up with cocaine, no taxpayers money needed! Better yet, let Fauci be one of the first people to go through the same experience that the animals have to endure! Who is the head honcho that approves these dumb ass “experiments” in the first place? Fauci should be held accountable for this madness!

Please stop this!!!!!!!

STOP testing your shit on helpless little animals !!!!!!! It’s cruel and inhumane and you should be ashamed of your selves. We should be better than that people !!!! 🥺💔😢💔😠😡💔

This is so evil, it’s hard to imagine people and I use that word loosely, so evil that they would torture innocent and helpless animals.

Stop these heinous acts!

Dog are loving animals. They aren’t meant to used for experiments. They are a member of your family. So ask yours would you do this to a member of your family?

Dogs like to party

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