WCW Files New Lawsuits Against NIH Over Dog Experiments

Posted by Amanda Nieves
20 July 2022 | Blog


Nobody conducts and funds more animal experiments than white coats in the federal government — and no one in the federal government does more animal experiments than the National Institutes of Health (NIH), which spends around half of its 40-plus-billion-dollar budget on animal experiments.

Since 2016, when we released our first report, “$pending to Death,” we’ve been working to find, expose and defund horrible NIH experiments on dogs that are funded with taxpayer money.  Most recently, our viral #BeagleGate investigation uncovered — and started to defund — wasteful experiments on dogs and puppies funded by Anthony Fauci’s NIH division. In completely unnecessary tests, dogs were covered in ticks and flies, de-barked, and poisoned with experimental drugs.  We even exposed NIH-funded tests in which puppies were injected with cocaine!

But Wait … there’s more! 


In February 2022, we received documents through the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) showing that the NIH was purchasing puppies from disgraced breeder Envigo — at a cost to taxpayers of $1,300 per dog.  According to records obtained by White Coat Waste Project (WCW), the 2-year-old beagles had pneumonia-causing bacteria forced directly into their lungs to cause septic shock, then NIH white coats waited to see how long the dogs lived. If they made it over 96 hours, they were considered “survivors,” and then killed.

WCW Files New Lawsuits

Taxpayers have been footing the bill for these NIH dog experiments for two decades, and we have a right to know exactly how our money is being spent. So, WCW filed additional FOIA requests with the NIH demanding more information about these wasteful septic shock experiments on dogs and what the agency did to the dogs and puppies it purchased from Envigo.

We waited…and waited…and waited. We heard nothing but crickets from NIH.

As Americans, however, our tax dollars paid for these experiments. The NIH isn’t allowed to clam up just because the experiments make them look bad. (In fact, the Attorney General reaffirmed that fact just a few months ago, writing that “fears of embarrassment” were not a reason to withhold information from the public).

After months of getting the runaround, this week, WCW filed two lawsuits against the NIH, demanding that they turn over details on their septic shock experiments and contracts with Envigo.

WCW Files New Lawsuits

We asked all these questions a long time ago. We tried being polite, but NIH refused to answer.

They might have been able to ignore our questions…but they WON’T be able to ignore our lawsuit.

WCW Files New Lawsuits

When the lawsuits are resolved, and we have more details about how NIH white coats wasted your tax money, we will let you know right away. Until then, however, read the lawsuits below, and then make your voice heard: contact Congress, and tell them you don’t want your tax dollars wasted on abusing dogs in cruel experiments!

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This needs to stop. Stop funding money to kill innocent dogs.

He should be in prison for his lies and abuse:(((((((((((((((((((

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