WCW Exclusive: Fauci Funded Envigo

Posted by MaryAnn Hussey
29 July 2022 | Blog

Animal lovers and liberty lovers worldwide have been delighted to see that 4,000 beagles from notorious lab dog supplier Envigo are being adopted into loving homes. Videos of the dogs’ first steps on grass have gone viral, spreading cheer to everyone who sees them.

Everyone, that is, except for (perhaps) Dr. Fauci.

After first revealing in February 2022 that white coats at the National Institutes of Health were Envigo’s loyal customers, WCW can now exclusively reveal that Dr. Fauci’s agency, NIAID, also purchased dogs from Envigo — and abused them in cruel, wasteful experiments. 

According to this published paper from 2022, NIAID-funded white coats bought beagles from the Cumberland, VA facility, performed surgery on them to implant monitoring devices, and then force-fed the dogs experimental drugs.

Fauci Funded Envigo

The paper states: 

  • “Beagle dogs for cardiovascular safety assessments were obtained from Covance Research Product Inc. (Cumberland, VA).” (NOTE: Covance owned the facility before Envigo bought it in 2019).
  • “This research was funded in part by the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, National Institutes of Health, Department of Health and Human Services, under contract number HHS272201100030C.”

Fauci Funded Envigo

Your tax bill? $32.6 million. (The beagle tests are part of this larger government contract)

To be clear: we don’t yet know how much money was wasted on the dog tests specifically — but we can assure you that we will let you know when we find out more. However, WCW’s new investigation is the missing link proving Fauci funded Envigo.

Now it’s official: Envigo is part of a much larger government scandal first exposed by WCW: #BeagleGate.

The solution to #BeagleGate is crystal clear: Stop the MONEY. Stop the MADNESS!

Please contact Congress, and tell them to pass the PAAW Act immediately. This crucial bill would end Dr. Fauci’s wasteful spending on beagle experiments once and for all!Fauci Funded Envigo

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This is despicable and disgusting, also I belong in a huge community and no one will vote for you again / take action

no more lab experiments please. it is very cruel.

Stop the torture of animal exxpermints

Stop these cruel people!!!!

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