MASSIVE COI: Fauci funded & edited EcoHealth study of dangerous bat virus – WCW Investigation

Posted by Amanda Nieves
06 October 2022 | Blog

White Coat Waste Project investigations have proven how Peter Daszak and the disgraced EcoHealth Alliance (EHA) secretively shipped tax dollars to Wuhan, conspired with Dr. Fauci’s NIH team to skirt the federal funding ban on gain-of-function animal testing, wasted taxpayer money, violated transparency law, and obstructed the COVID origins investigation.  

So, how is it that EHA can continue to rake in taxpayer cash despite its well-documented track record of waste, fraud, and abuse?

Well, it helps if you have a friend on the inside.

Fauci Funded EcoHealth Alliance

Friends on the Inside: EcoHealth president Peter Daszak enjoying the company of his friend, Anthony Fauci (top). Daszak toasting with Wuhan Institute of Virology animal experimenter Shi Zhengli, who is known as “Bat Woman.” (bottom)

Not only has Dr. Fauci continued to fund and defend EHA’s wasteful and dangerous animal experiments despite major opposition, but we’ve now discovered he’s also personally helping them get published.

According to a paper published in late 2020—well after the pandemic began and EHA was under the microscope for its role in funding risky animal experiments at the Wuhan Animal Lab—Fauci himself edited and approved a study co-authored by Daszak that described how EHA traveled to Bangladesh to collect the highly-deadly Nipah virus from wild bats. Not only did Fauci review, edit and approve Daszak’s paper for the journal, he funded the study as well.

Fauci Funded EcoHealth Alliance

Conflict of Interest: Anthony Fauci funded, reviewed, edited, and approved a paper co-authored by Peter Daszak and EcoHealth Alliance.

The paper even includes this disturbing photo of one of the bats captured by EHA:

Fauci Funded EcoHealth Alliance

Photo of a wild bat being used for cruel and wasteful experiments by EcoHealth Alliance white coats.

Nipah virus is extremely deadly with a human mortality rate between 40-75%, according to the World Health Organization. This is a lot higher than COVID.

Sounds like a recipe for disaster!

Acknowledgment that Anthony Fauci’s NIAID dished out taxpayer dollars to fund experiments by EcoHealth Alliance white coats.

As we’ve exposed before, Fauci’s culture of corruption runs deep. And this newest discovery is the best case yet of a self-licking ice cream cone. First, Fauci champions dangerous animal experiments to balloon his $6 billion budget. Next, he doles it out via grants to EHA and other white coats in the U.S. and abroad. He and his colleagues then personally edit and approve the experiments they funded for publication in scientific journals — then claim success because of the publication record. Finally, he renews the payouts to fuel the government gravy train.

Your taxpayer dollars WASTED!

And guess what? In late September, Fauci re-upped funding for the wasteful and dangerous grant to EHA above.  In total, EHA received nearly $8 million in taxpayer funding in 2022 alone.

Fortunately, Waste Warrior Senator Joni Ernst (R-IA) just introduced the Defund EcoHealth Alliance Act. That WCW-backed bill prohibits taxpayer funding for EHA and demands to know how much federal cash EHA sent to China-based labs.  

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