WCW to Fauci: See you in court!

Posted by Amanda Nieves
16 November 2022 | Blog

For years, White Coat Waste Project (WCW) has been exposing how Dr. Fauci’s National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) conducts and funds some of the most painful animal experiments in the entire federal government

Though required by federal law, Fauci’s NIAID has refused to hand over documents to WCW about this waste and abuse in response to our Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests. So, we’ve filed two new federal lawsuits (read them in full below) to obtain internal records about the agency’s taxpayer-funded experiments on dogs and primates.

NIAID Lawsuits

Here’s what we’ve exposed so far and why we need to know the full extent of what’s happening to dogs and primates in Fauci-funded labs: 

Our viral #BeagleGate campaign first uncovered how Dr. Fauci recently wasted millions of taxpayer dollars on experiments where puppies were infested with biting flies and ticks, force-fed experimental drugs, and even had their vocal cords cut out so they can’t cry out in the lab. Unsurprisingly, records obtained by WCW show notes made by NIAID white coats detailing that the dogs “vocalized in pain.”

Recently, we exposed and stopped NIAID’s misguided plans to abuse puppies in completely unnecessary tests for a new seasonal allergy medicine.

This begs the question: What other cruel and wasteful dog testing is Fauci hiding from the public?

Puppies aren’t Fauci’s only victims. WCW also was the first to reveal the NIAID-funded Monkey Island in South Carolina where over 3,000 monkeys are bred and held in reserve until government white coats decide to ship them to labs to be infected, mutilated, and killed in experiments.

Our new lawsuits will help expose the full extent of NIAID’s wasteful spending on cruel, outdated, and unnecessary experiments on dogs and monkeys. After all, taxpayers have a right to know!

You can help us stop this madness, too! Urge your Members of Congress to support the bipartisan Protecting Dogs Subjected to Experiments Act to DEFUND all of the NIH’s cruel and wasteful dog testing!

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this makes me fkg sick and it needs to STOP TODAY. NOT TOMORROW !!!!!!!! fkg animal abusers


this an atrocity and it had to stop thank to care about animal and suing fauci

God bless this organization the white Coast waste project I am so proud of you for exposing foxy and all his cruel experiments and funding for these coolers for these cool experiments God bless you guys you guys are doing awesome work white Coast waste project is the best organization that is finally done something and made a significant change and how animals are treated God bless you guys keep up the great work

Can someone please fix my misspelling on my in the last comment I just made through talk and text I was not supposed to say cool it’s supposed to say cruel so please fix that please I don’t mean cool experiments I meant cruel experiments the white coat waste project is the only agency so far who’s made it significant stop and preventing and helping animals finally Rocky is a two-faced lying man and I’m sorry about the death threats he gets but honestly the things that he approved to get funded for these animals was just as unbelievable okay so please fix the misspelling or just delete the last text completely and God bless you guys the white Coast waist project agency is God bless you guys God bless you for adding all those cruel experiments God bless you please fix my spelling in the last comment for Kimberly guarneri thank you

How disgusting!! To see the effects of cocaine on animals….. for what. I hope they come get you in your sleep!!

Get Rid of this man , he. Is sick


Not only is this money waste for American taxpayers, but total brutal cold-heartedness for tortured animals forced by cruel lab technicians who don’t give a damn–just in it for the big bucks!!!

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