Congress Will Finally Investigate the Wuhan #LabLeak 

Posted by Amanda Nieves
12 January 2023 | Blog

Ever since we first exposed and cut taxpayer funding for dangerous gain-of-function experiments on animals at the Wuhan lab, we’ve been urging Congress and the White House to investigate whether a lab leak caused the COVID pandemic. 

Now, after nearly three years of foot-dragging by Congress, the newly installed House leadership has placed a COVID origins probe at the very top of its agenda. 

wuhan lab leak investigationwuhan lab leak investigation

wuhan lab leak investigation

Lawmakers, the FBI, a growing majority of Democrat and Republican taxpayers, and experts around the world believe that a lab leak sparked COVID.  

Taxpayers have a right to know if white coats in Wuhan wasted their money on risky animal experiments that caused a devastating pandemic.  

We’re also continuing our work with Congress to defund dangerous animal labs at home and abroad to ensure it doesn’t happen again. 

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