WCW EXPOSÉ: NIH-Funded Lab Fed Discarded Dogs to Sand Flies

Posted by Justin Goodman
15 February 2023 | Blog

White Coat Waste Project (WCW) shocked the world with our viral #BeagleGate exposé of how Anthony Fauci and the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) shipped tax dollars to Tunisia for experiments in which beagles’ heads were locked in mesh cages so they could be eaten alive by hungry sand flies. 

WCW also recently exposed and stopped all five of NIAID’s $1.8 million hay fever experiments on beagle puppies. (No other group has shut down a single government dog lab in nearly a generation).  

Now, in another exclusive WCW investigation, we’ve uncovered that Fauci and the National Institutes of Health (NIH) have been bankrolling the same Tunisia-style abuse on U.S. soil, too, but with a sickening twist. 

NIAID Torturing abandoned pets

Actual photo from NIAID’s discarded pet lab at the University of Iowa where capsules full of sand flies were strapped to the dogs’ ears so the insects could “feed” on the dogs.


New documents obtained by WCW show that under Dr. Fauci (and still now after he’s gone), NIH white coats have been conducting and funding even more deadly sandfly experiments at the University of Iowa on pet dogs who were “donated” (aka, DISCARDED!!) to the lab! 

NIAID Torturing abandoned pets

Actual image created by NIH-funded white coats to depict their sand fly experiments on discarded dogs

That’s right.  Public records we pried free from the University of Iowa (they fought us on it!) show at least 12 dogs were “donated” by their owners to the university to be abused by white coats in these experiments from 2017 to 2019.  The records show that all of the dogs were killed in 2019. 

In February 2017, four foxhounds were abandoned at the lab, including two-year-old Ringo, three-year-old Granite, six-year-old Paddington, and ten-year-old Nicky. 

NIAID Torturing abandoned pets

NIAID Torturing abandoned pets

In March 2018, four more foxhounds were discarded for experiments, including nine-year-old Cougar, five-year-old Lover, five-year-old Gunner, and four-year-old Viking. 

NIAID Torturing abandoned pets 

And in April 2019, another four foxhounds were dumped at the lab, including five-year-old Verity, five-year-old Velocity, four-year-old Brigette, and ten-year-old Raptor. 

NIAID Torturing abandoned pets

Records show that four other dogs abused, and killed by the lab were named Willow, Gentle, Kasji, and Paisley. 

The university admitted to us that it destroyed records detailing what the experiments on these dogs involved, but we’ve found receipts in a 2021 paper published by NIAID and the University of Iowa’s own white coats: 


In short, taxpayer-funded experimenters from NIAID and the University of Iowa are drugging abandoned pet dogs and locking them in mesh cages. Then, the white coats are strapping capsules full of hungry sand flies to the dogs’ ears so the insects could “feed” on the dogs. When the experiment is over, the dogs are killed and dissected, even though effective treatments for their illness exist.

Sound familiar? It’s just another wasteful variation on the abusive sand fly experimentation on dogs that we exposed in Fauci’s in-house labs back in 2016 and in Tunisia in 2021.  

NIAID Torturing abandoned pets

Images from a NIAID-funded dog lab in Tunisia exposed by WCW where beagles were caged and fed to hungry sand flies.

These deadly dog experiments are being funded by two active grants from NIAID and the NIH’s Fogarty International Center which have received close to $10 million in taxpayers’ money combined.  


Both grants are currently set to expire in June 2023, and we’re going to work with Congress to ensure this wasteful spending is cut off and no other dogs are tortured! 

In fact, we just helped Congress re-introduce WCW-backed bipartisan legislation to defund all of the NIH’s dog experiments, and we’re suing NIAID for more documents detailing its abusive dog testing. 

 You can help! 

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Stop the abuse and murder of sentient beings

This is horrible & it should be considered to be animal cruelty. They should be charged accordingly. I don’t understand how people can do this to their pets. They should be charged for this crime also. It’s just disgusting.


Please stop hurting these poor souls. Or I you curse YOU

to rot in HELL! Do the right think and just STOP!

This barberic torture and death to animals needs to stop. I pray karma gets you all 1000xs of what you’ve done to these fur babies

This needs to stop

Stop stop stop hurting digs, test the rotten people instead

We DO NOT need to be using animals for experiments. ESPECIALLY USELESS experiments!! We ALL know that sand fleas bite. We don’t need to be using and killing precious animals to tell us! STOP USING OUR TAX DOLLARS AND OUR PRECIOUS ANIMALS FOR EXPERIMENTS!!!

This has to stop. No animal was put here on earth for testing on.

This is pure evil and what they are doing is torture with no results for humans. This has to stop, how can people be so cruel to sweet dogs!!

We have to have better laws to protect our animals and real punishments for abusers! This is horrific and must be permanently stopped!




How can these people sleep at night you are all monsters and these is unacceptable I hope karma gets you.


This needs to be stopped ASAP. This is cruelty and abuse to animals. Please save all these animals from this horrific torture ASAP.

He’s a sick bastard!!!!!

I am praying All those evvil, Monsters involved in those horrific experiments on those innocent animals, pay if not in this life, in the next. Praying all those innocent animals find loving forever homes.

This MUST STOP!!!!! SO EVIL!!!~!~! THE people involved need to be removed from this Planet!!! Kill the Evil MONSTERS!~!~!~!~!

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