Moscow has fallen! WCW defunds ALL Russian animal labs & Putin’s kitten tests

09 April 2023 | Blog, Featured

🚨 Alert: Major victory in the war on waste!

  • Victory: White Coat Waste Project (WCW) has de-funded Putin’s kitten experiments!
  • WCW 1st exposed how the National Institute of Health (NIH) wasted $770,000 for horrifying experiments on cats at the Kremlin-run Pavlov Institute.
  • Dozens of cats had their brains damaged, electrodes implanted into their spines, and were forced to walk on treadmills before slaughter.
  • We also united President Biden with Congressional Republicans to end funding for ALL experiments on animals in Russia. Every. Single. Animal Test!
  • This is the 1st time in history that funding has been cut for animal testing across an entire country.

We’ve just confirmed that following White Coat Waste Project’s (WCW) relentless investigations, grassroots campaigns, and lobbying, the Biden Administration has defunded ALL animal labs in Russia.

As far as we know, this is the first time in history that funding has been cut for animal testing across an entire country. It’s a B.F.D.!

Every. Single. Animal experiment.

In case you missed it, here’s how we found, exposed, and defunded all of Putin’s animal labs:

In 2021 as part of our Worldwide Waste investigation, WCW first documented how the National Institutes of Health (NIH) was recklessly shipping millions of tax dollars to several Russian animal labs with essentially no oversight (as was recently confirmed by a historic federal audit).

In March 2022, we exposed that U.S. taxpayers were forced to pay over $770,000 for wasteful, unnecessary, and cruel experiments on cats by white coats at the Kremlin-run Pavlov Institute of Physiology. In the experiment that was first funded by NIH in 2017 and slated to run through May 2023, dozens of healthy cats had their brains damaged, electrodes implanted into their spines, and were forced to walk on treadmills before being killed.

Russian Animal Labs Defunded

Actual illustration of the Russian cat experiment. WCW exposed how NIH shipped U.S. tax dollars to a Kremlin-run lab, where Russian white coats mutilate and electrocute cats to make them move on treadmills.

WCW researchers also found experiments at the same Russian government lab — which, thankfully, American tax dollars did not fund — involving injecting chemicals into dogs’ brains, implanting electrodes in monkeys’ brains, and removing the brains from kittens as young as 4 days old.

Our shocking investigation prompted a media firestorm and swift and decisive action from lawmakers. Right after the case broke, Members of Congress, led by Rep. Lisa McClain (R-MI), sent a letter to President Biden citing our work and demanding the immediate cancelation of grants to Russian labs.

Russian Animal Labs Defunded

In April 2022, when Congress didn’t receive a response from POTUS, WCW worked closely with bipartisan lawmakers led by Reps. McClain and Elissa Slotkin (D-MI) who requested that the 2023 federal spending bill prohibit tax dollars from being sent to Russian animal labs.

Then, in June, the White House quietly announced that the government would “wind down […] research collaborations in the fields of science and technology with Russian government-affiliated research institutions.”

Russian Animal Labs Defunded

Later that month, the House voted unanimously in favor of a WCW-backed amendment to defund all animal labs in Russia, China, and other countries deemed ‘foreign adversaries.’

In September 2022, lawmakers again wrote to the NIH and President Biden to follow up on the June announcement and the status of Russian animal lab funding and didn’t receive a response.

In December, as the final 2023 government spending package was being negotiated, we assembled a diverse coalition including our friends at Taxpayers Protection Alliance, FreedomWorks, American Conservative Union/CPAC, People for Liberty, Free The People, and Advancing Law for Animals to urge Congress to include the foreign enemy animal lab defund that passed the House. Unfortunately, the full measure did not make it to the president’s desk, but Congress did enact legislation that defunds dangerous pathogen experiments in “countries of concern” like Russia (but not all animal labs).

Fortunately, the Biden Administration has finally followed through on its commitment and confirmed that ALL Russian animal labs—including the one we exposed that was actively torturing cats with our money—have been cut off (Maybe Willow had a word with POTUS)!

The NIH planned to fund Putin’s kitten experiments through May 2023, but we DEFUNDED IT!

This is what the people want! Over 75% of Republicans and Democrats agree that taxpayers shouldn’t be forced to pay Putin’s white coats to torture cats and other animals in wasteful experiments. 

Now, following our investigation and campaign, they won’t have to.

This historic win wouldn’t have been possible without the countless phone calls, tweets, and emails sent by our liberty-loving and animal-loving supporters!

We also applaud President Biden for defunding every single animal experiment across Russia and we’re grateful to Reps. McClain, Slotkin, and other bipartisan leaders in Congress for working with us to save U.S. tax dollars, protect national security, and end animal abuse by cutting off all foreign enemies’ labs, like Russia’s Pavlov Institute and the disgraced Wuhan Institute of Virology.

Russian Animal Labs Defunded


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Stop das Grauen, was ihr den armen Tieren antut … was für brutale Menschen … haben die kein Gefühl oder ein Herz für ein tier

stop! no more animal experiments. it is cruel and everyone hurts, animal and people suffer too.

How can any compassionate human being turn away from the deliberate torture of animals under the guise of helping human beings. There is almost no evidence that any of these experiments relate to human beings! These experimenters are simply grasping for Grant Money and no oversight. Stop the torture now and release all animals to sanctuaries.

Stop das Grauen an den Armen, Hilflosen tieren

Is it true that all these horrible things being done to cats and other animals have ALL STOPPED??

Stop das Grauen in den Labors an Tieren … was sind das für gefühlsarme, herzlose Menschen … sollten sich selbst einmal in den Labors quälen lassen, was die den Tieren antun … stop das cruel

I told Congress to stop shipping my tax dollars to Putin’s whit coats to torture cats, dogs and other animals in wasteful horrible, cruel and dangerous animals experiments, including for gain of function research. Our money should never be used to harm God’s precious animals especially in foreign communities countries. All God’s lives matters!

Defund this unnecessary wasteful spending.

Experiment on death row inmates instead of ANIMALS!!! At least the inmates deserve it…animals are innocent!!!

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