Wuhan Has Fallen! WCW Ends NIH Funding Eligibility for Lab Leak Center

Posted by Justin Goodman
17 May 2023 | Blog

It’s official: Following a three-year-plus White Coat Waste Project (WCW) campaign to defund the Wuhan lab that tortures animals and probably prompted the pandemic, we have discovered and confirmed the National Institutes of Health (NIH) has finally disqualified it from receiving any taxpayer funding for animal tests!

This is a MAJOR win in the War On Waste! 


On April 11, 2020, the WCW Project shocked the world when we first revealed to the UK’s Daily Mail that the NIH and EcoHealth Alliance (EHA) wasted part of $3.7 million grant to fund dangerous bat and animal experiments in Wuhan— the probable cause of a lab leak and COVID.

WCW Ends Wuhan Funding

The WCW Project was the very first group to demand Congress end U.S. tax funding for the Wuhan Lab.

Days after WCW’s investigation broke, President Donald Trump cut the NIH grant that funded the Wuhan lab. Trump called it “tremendous WASTE in the government.” 

But a WCW investigation exposed how the Wuhan lab was still authorized to receive taxpayers’ money specifically for animal testing from NIH until 2024!

WCW Ends Wuhan Funding

The WCW Project uncovered a disturbing loophole  that allowed the Wuhan lab to remain eligible for taxpayer dollars, specifically for animal tests. Here is the actual NIH receipt we obtained via a Freedom of Information Act investigation proving its authorization by the NIH

Our blockbuster exposé of the “Wuhan loophole” went VIRAL:

WCW Ends Wuhan Funding

We also uncovered documents showing the Wuhan lab conspired with the NIH and EHA to violate a federal ban on gain-of-function experiments that was put in place by the Obama-Biden Administration in 2014.

WCW Ends Wuhan Funding

Smoking Gun: The WCW Project uncovered this actual email from our Freedom of Information Act lawsuit. Once EcoHealth Alliance’s grant was approved by Fauci’s department, Peter Daszak celebrated that his gain-of-function research funding pause was lifted.

Since early 2020, we’ve been working to permanently defund WIV (and its shady partners at EHA). In fact, WCW is the only organization in the country that is lobbying Congress to defund the Wuhan lab.

This past year, we successfully worked with Congress to cut off Wuhan’s taxpayer funding from the US State Department and Pentagon (both of which previously funded the lab).

WCW Ends Wuhan Funding

But the Wuhan lab has remained eligible for more tax money from the NIH despite growing concerns about how the lab recklessly wasted tax dollars to collect coronaviruses from wild bats, engineered those viruses to be more deadly and contagious to humans and injected the supercharged viruses into “humanized” mice who became very sick and died.

In fact, last year we uncovered an internal NIH video showing how the agency was actively lobbying against our efforts with Congress to defund the Wuhan lab!

Finally, in January 2023, a federal watchdog report prompted by WCW recommended that WIV be permanently prohibited from receiving tax dollars, in part for refusing to cooperate with investigations of the NIH-funded gain-of-function animal experiments it conducted.

Yet, as of late April, the Wuhan lab was still on the NIHs list of foreign facilities eligible to receive tax money for animal tests.

Now, WCW has discovered that the NIH quietly removed the Wuhan lab from its list of approved animal labs.

We’re proud of this historic victory in the War on Waste! With our Worldwide Waste campaign, we will continue to find, expose and defund animal experiments in the U.S. and abroad!

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As long as man continues to be the ruthless destroyer of lower living beings he will never know health or peace. For as long as men massacre animals, they will kill each other.


Stop doing testing on animals

Gratitude for diligence, your resolve and your success!

Stop die grausamen labortests an Tieren .. was sind das für brutale Menschen, die Tiere so quälen und töten … stop


That is the best news ever!!!!!

Stop it now

Criminal ! Absolute atrocity

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