NEW: Musk’s Twitter Is STILL Censoring WCW’s Animal Testing Tweets

05 June 2023 | Blog

Elon Musk claims that Twitter is the last bastion of free speech — a very noble proposition.

But after 8 months under his leadership, the partisans and parasites at Twitter are still banning and censoring our ads exposing the U.S. government’s $20 billion annual wasteful spending spree on cruel and dangerous animal tests, including the experiments that probably caused the lab leak and COVID pandemic.

Some of the many promoted posts that the censors at Twitter refuse to let WCW run.

Since March
—and as recently as last month (see emails below)—Twitter has outrageously rejected our promoted posts about the NIH’s funding of the Wuhan lab and BeagleGate, two historic scandals we first exposed.

Twitter is now also banning our posts about the NIH’s ongoing painful puppy experimentation, and even a tweet about Violet’s Law, a commonsense bipartisan bill to retire puppies, kittens, and primates who survive government experimentation.

Twitter has even banned this WCW ad promoting Violet’s Law and lab animal retirement

Twitter’s rep told us our account is halted “due to promoting low quality and disturbing contents surrounding the Covid-19 virus Wuhan lab leak as well as the
$15 billion dollar animal experiments without sufficient and credible resources.” 

Twitter Censoring WCW Tweets

Back in March, their policy team also refused to run our ads because of, in their words, “distasteful references to Covid 19, a sensitive event, which is in violation of our Inappropriate Content Policy. 

Twitter Censoring WCW Tweets

They also demanded that our “messaging around COVID-19 would need to be softened.”

Yet, Musk himself is sharing emails and information we obtained via a well-documented Freedom of Information Act investigation and lawsuit against NIH proving Fauci funded gain-of-function. We also used the government’s own records to first expose how Fauci’s NIH funded dog torture including de-barking beagles and feeding them to sand flies. 

In February, Elon Musk shared the news first exposed by WCW confirming NIH funded the Wuhan animal lab via a grant to the disgraced EcoHealth Alliance.


Twitter Censoring WCW Tweets

In April, Elon Musk shared the infamous emails obtained by WCW confirming Fauci funded gain-of-function in Wuhan.

Taxpayers around the world and Members of Congress like Senator Marco Rubio first learned about the U.S. government’s lab leak funding from our meticulous research, including how Dr. Fauci secretively funneled part of a $3.7 million grant to Wuhan through the EcoHealth Alliance.

Anyone familiar with our work knows that our award-winning investigations have been featured by media outlets from the New York Post to the New York Times and have prompted historic policy reforms supported by lawmakers from The Squad to the Freedom Caucus.

On Musk’s watch, whether he knows it or not, Twitter still appears to be doing the bidding of big government bureaucrats and censoring the truth about how the feds are abusing animals with our tax dollars.

Elon, if you’re listening, we’re trying to give you money to get out a simple but important message about wasteful government animal experiments:

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Don’t be the hypocrite. Don’t censor so much, especially concerning government funded experimenting.

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