WCW Exposes More Worldwide Waste: You Funded Animal Testing on Russian Fox Fur Farm & Chinese Primate Lab

16 June 2023 | Blog

From the UK’s junkie monkeys and Chile’s drunk mice to the Wuhan animal lab and Putin’s cat lab, White Coat Waste Project’s (WCW) Worldwide Waste campaign has exposed billions of tax dollars being shipped overseas and how illegal loopholes are still allowing this scary spending with no oversight or transparency.

In many cases—like in Wuhan and Russia—taxpayer dollars are secretively laundered to foreign animal testing labs through pass-through entities like U.S. universities or groups like the notorious EcoHealth Alliance.

Fortunately, we’ve successfully defunded the Wuhan lab and all Russian animal labs and have been supporting legislation to defund all of our enemies’ animal labs.

Now, building on the work of Sen. Joni Ernst (R-IA) and our friends at Open The Books, WCW has uncovered millions more being indirectly sent by the National Institutes of Health (NIH), the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), and other agencies to Russian and Chinese animal labs under the radar in recent years.

Image of a fox caged for deadly U.S. taxpayer-funded experiments at an “experimental fur farm” housed at a Kremlin-linked Russian lab

NIH sent more than $770,000 to a state-run lab in Russia to put cats on treadmills.
That project – like the bat studies in Wuhan – was canceled after the studies were
exposed by the White Coat Waste Project.
~ Sen. Joni Ernst (R-IA) and Open the Books, Published by USA Today

From 2018-2020, the University of Illinois shipped $123,552 of a $1.6 million NIH grant and undisclosed funding from the USDA to the Kremlin-linked Institute of Cytology and Genetics (that WCW just defunded!) to study the social behavior of silver foxes on an experimental fur farmThe foxes were killed and had their brains dissected.

WCW Exposes Worldwide Waste

The University of California-Irvine shipped $216,000 of a $4.3 million NIH grant to the Wuhan Institute of Virology for experiments in which mice, rats, and tree shrews had holes drilled into their skulls and herpes viruses injected into their brains.

WCW Exposes Worldwide Waste

As recently as February 2023, the University of Southern California funneled $576,453 of a $1.9 million NIH grant to Peking University for experiments in which mice had holes drilled into their skulls and viruses injected into their brains before being killed and dissected.

WCW Exposes Worldwide Waste

As recently as 2021, Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen’s Seattle-based Allen Institute sent $993,000 of a $64.7 million NIH grant to Wuhan, China’s Huazhong University of Science and Technologyto cut out baby mice’s brains and slice them up for analysis.

WCW Exposes Worldwide Waste

The University of Illinois shipped $149,832 of a $1.7 million NIH grant to the CCP-linked Institute Pasteur of Shanghai to infect mice with tuberculosis and kill and dissect them.

WCW Exposes Worldwide Waste

Eastern Virginia Medical School shipped $42,452 of a $35.5 million USAID grant to the Qichun County Zhangliang Digging Machine Business Departmentto test an experimental hepatitis and HIV drug on primates.

WCW Exposes Worldwide Waste

The University of South Florida shipped $812,906 of a $28.9 million NIH grant to China Medical University, Kunming Medical University, and Beijing’s Zhongyu Bioengineering Co. to create mutant malaria strains and inject them into mice and feed the mice to “starved” mosquitoes.

Emory University shipped $515,418 of a $38.6 million HHS contract to the CCP-linked Harbin Veterinary Research Institute, which houses one of China’s dangerous high-containment bioagent labs (BSL-4). In experiments, dangerous avian flu viruses were collected from China’s filthy wet markets and forced up the noses of mice and guinea pigs in deadly experiments.

The taxpayer money was also used to supercharge flu viruses to make them more contagious and inject them into guinea pigs and other animals.

WCW Exposes Worldwide Waste

Taxpayers shouldn’t be forced to foot the bill for wasteful, dangerous, and cruel animal experiments in adversarial foreign nations where there’s no oversight or accountabilityWe’re working with Congress to re-introduce the AFAR Act and defund foreign enemies’ animal labs once and for all.

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Animals are not ours to experiment on, eat, wear, use for entertainment, or abuse in any other way. STOP IT !!!

Stop die schrecklichen Tests an Tieren in den Labors … viele Test sind grausam und nicht nötig … wann hört das endlich auf … es gibt Alternativen … was für Menschen, die Tiere so quälen und kein Herz haben für das große Leid … stop

How about faucci s puppies labs ???

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