Bipartisan AFAR Act Targets Foreign Enemies’ Animal Labs 

Posted by Amanda Nieves
31 July 2023 | Blog

White Coat Waste Project’s ⁠(WCW) Worldwide Waste investigations were the first to uncover how the National Institutes of Health (NIH) ships millions of U.S. tax dollars to dozens of dangerous and unaccountable animal testing labs in China and Russia. 

Video of a fox caged for deadly NIH-funded brain experiments at an
“experimental fur farm” housed at a Kremlin-linked Russian lab

We made history by exposing and defunding the NIH’s gain-of-function experiments on humanized mice in Wuhan that likely caused COVID, and we cut off taxpayer funding for Putin’s deadly treadmills tests on kittens and all other animal labs in Russia. We also worked with Congress last year to cut off taxpayer funding for gain-of-function experiments in Russia, China, and other adversarial nations. 

Unfortunately, as we’ve uncovered, dozens of other animal labs in China are still eligible to rake in U.S. tax dollars. 

AFAR Act Foreign Labs

Now, WCW is helping Congress re-introduce the Accountability in Foreign Animal Research (AFAR) Act to permanently cut NIH funding for all animal testing labs located in China, Russia, and other adversarial nations (currently including Iran and North Korea). 

AFAR Act Foreign Labs


The AFAR Act was first introduced last Congress by Waste Warrior awardee Rep. Lisa McClain (R-MI). This year, Rep. McClain has rallied bipartisan support for the new-and-improved AFAR Act (HR 5020/S 2716)from Rep. Don Davis (D-NC) and attracted leadership in the Senate from Sen. Joni Ernst (R-IA). 

AFAR Act Foreign Labs

A July 2022 poll of 1,000 taxpayers by Lincoln Park Strategies found that 68% of Republicans and 78% of Democrats want to cut funding for animal testing in adversarial nations. 

AFAR Act Foreign Labs

Taxpayers shouldn’t be forced to foot the bill for wasteful, dangerous, and cruel animal experiments in labs run by our foreign enemies!   

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