Following WCW Campaigns, NY Times Confirms Dangerous Animal Labs Are Being Defunded & Defeated 

Posted by Amanda Nieves
18 October 2023 | Blog

For years, White Coat Waste Project (WCW) has been leading the national campaign to defund gain-of-function experiments that torture animals, can cause pandemics, and that the public widely opposes. According to new reporting in The New York Times (NYT), we’re winning.

NYT Confirms Gain-of-function defundA quick history lesson:

Beginning in early 2020, we first exposed Fauci’s funding for dangerous gain-of-function experiments at the Wuhan animal lab that likely caused COVID and their direct link to COVID’s likely Patient Zero.

Since then, we’ve been leading successful lobbying efforts on Capitol Hill to defund the Wuhan animal lab and all gain-of-function experiments permanently. We were the first to publicly call on the Biden White House to defund all gain-of-function labs in February 2021.

Meanwhile, records show that the NIH and colleges and universities across the country have been resisting reforms to reckless research.

But, they’re losing. Last year, we successfully lobbied Congress to enact legislation cutting all funding for gain-of-function experiments in China, Russia and other adversarial nations. Most recently, following our work, the Wuhan lab was blacklisted from all U.S. taxpayer funding, and the House passed legislation to fully defund gain-of-function, all animal labs in China and other hostile nations, and the notorious virus-hunting non-profit EcoHealth Alliance. 

NYT Confirms Gain-of-function defund

Now, the New York Times is reporting that gain-of-function animal experiments are being defunded, abandoned, and canceled after what happened in Wuhan.

NYT Confirms Gain-of-function defund

NYT Confirms Gain-of-function defund

NYT Confirms Gain-of-function defundNYT Confirms Gain-of-function defund

A House Oversight Committee hearing this week also featured lawmakers from both parties and experts who want to crack down on these dangerous experiments, close loopholes that exempt foreign labs from oversight, and defund foreign animal labs.

Taxpayers shouldn’t be forced to fund dangerous gain-of-function animal experiments that waste money, torture animals, and engineer superviruses that can cause pandemics and be used as bioweapons.

The solution is simple: 

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