WCW Exposes Wuhan West: NIH, EcoHealth & Colorado State University Scheming to Build New US Bat Lab With Taxpayers’ Money

Posted by Amanda Nieves
15 November 2023 | Blog


  • A new WCW investigation has exposed how the NIH, the notorious EcoHealth Alliance, and Wuhan-linked Colorado State University animal experimenters are scheming to construct a new US bat colony and experimentation lab
  • Using over $8 million of federal taxpayers’ money–and over $5M of state taxpayer funds–EcoHealth will import hundreds of bats from Asia to establish a new breeding colony at CSU and infect them with deadly viruses, including Ebola and Nipah virus
  • WCW’s investigation directly contradicts CSU’s public claims that the bats won’t be abused in experiments with COVID, Ebola, or Nipah.
  • CSU and EHA will collaborate with the NIH bioagent superlab that performed deadly coronavirus experiments on zoo bats and does maximum pain Ebola tests on baby pigs, primates, and other animals.
  • CSU’s bat lab is slated to be completed by 2025, though there have been numerous delays, and it does not appear construction has begun
  • CSU has a recent history of laboratory accidents with dangerous, deadly, and contagious pathogens including tuberculosis, plague, rabies, Zika, and even COVID

White Coat Waste Project (WCW) recently exposed how a National Institutes of Health (NIH) animal lab in Montana rounded up zoo bats and infected them with a coronavirus first obtained by the Wuhan lab that likely caused COVID. Our exposé prompted swift action from lawmakers in the House and Senate.

Now, we’ve obtained never-before-seen documents with new details about how the NIH—including the white coat behind the deadly coronavirus experiments on zoo bats—the notorious EcoHealth Alliance (EHA) and Wuhan-linked Colorado State University (CSU) animal experimenters have been scheming to construct another U.S. bat lab with hundreds of animals imported from Asia.

Actual photos uncovered by WCW of CSU’s taxpayer-funded bat-hunting and virus experiments on animals.

Records show that as far back as 2017, EcoHealth Alliance, CSU, and NIAID began discussions about setting up a US bat colony for experiments with deadly and incurable viruses.

After years of scheming and using the COVID pandemic as a justification, in January 2021 the NIH finally forked over $6.7 million to CSU to build its risky new bat experimentation lab.  CSU is also contributing $5.1 million of state taxpayer funds.


New CSU Bat Lab

Actual images uncovered by WCW of schematics for the new bat breeding facility and experimentation lab being built by CSU and EcoHealth Alliance with taxpayer funds from NIH.

Then, in September 2023, the NIH dumped another $1.7 million into the project. The grant states that CSU and EcoHeath “will capture horseshoe bats and Indian flying foxes, respective reservoir hosts of Nipah virus and SARS-related coronaviruses, in Bangladesh…Bats will be shipped to CSU to establish the breeding colonies as a resource for investigators who study these viruses.”  Biologists have called this “utterly irresponsible” and warned that if any of these non-native bats escaped from CSU it could be disastrous.

The proposal explains that EcoHealth and CSU “will perform experimental infection studies of Nipah virus, SARS-CoV-2 and the SARS-related coronavirus, RaTG13.” Nipah has a 75 percent human fatality rate, and RaTG13 closely relates to the bat coronavirus that caused the pandemic.

New CSU Bat Lab

Records analyzed by WCW show that the new CSU bat lab will collaborate with NIH’s bioagent superlab in Montana for experiments on animals with the fatal Nipah virus and Ebola. This is the same lab that performed deadly coronavirus experiments on zoo bats back in 2018 and currently performs maximum pain Ebola tests on baby pigs, primates, and other animals.

WCW’s investigation and the documents above directly contradict CSU’s public claims made as recently as July 2023 that the new bat lab won’t be involved with experiments using COVID, Ebola, or Nipah.

CSU experiments have also stated their intention to develop “humanized” bats that are engineered to be susceptible to infection with virus strains that can spread to people.

Documents uncovered by WCW state that CSU’s bat lab is slated to be completed by late 2024, though there have been numerous delays.

New CSU Bat Lab

Our analysis has found that CSU’s current bat experiments are receiving millions in taxpayer funding through NIH as well as the National Science Foundation, Department of Energy, Department of Interior, Department of Agriculture, and the Department of Defense’s “Combatting Weapons of Mass Destruction” account.

New CSU Bat Lab

In addition to establishing EcoHealth as the driving force behind the reckless bat lab project, records also show that CSU’s lead bat experimenter collaborates with Wuhan lab gain-of-function experimenters Ben Hu—likely COVID Patient Zero —and Shi Zhengli (aka Batwoman).

New CSU Bat Lab

These plans to conduct taxpayer-funded experiments on imported bats with fatal and easily transmissible viruses are alarming, especially because records obtained by our friends at US Right to Know show that CSU has a recent history of laboratory accidents with dangerous, deadly, and contagious pathogens including tuberculosis, plague, Brucella, Chronic Wasting Disease, chikungunya, Valley Fever, Q Fever, rabies, Zika, and even COVID. 

One of the lead CSU bat experimenters has also been cited and fined for illegally obtaining animals for risky virus tests.

New CSU Bat Lab

Is this how you want your money spent?

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