Top 13 WCW Wins of 2023!

Posted by Amanda Nieves
10 January 2024 | Blog


White Coat Waste Project (WCW) is leading the charge to get the government out of the animal testing business. 

Here’s a look back at our top 13 wins from 2023’s War on Waste: 

    1. STOPPED the National Institutes of Health’s (NIH) kitten treadmill experiments at a Kremlin-run lab and cut funding for all animal labs in Russia. Dasvidaniya!
    2. SHUT DOWN the Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) largest primate lab. 200+ monkeys were abused each year. Now it’s 0. 
    3. EXPOSED how the U.S. government funded COVID “Patient Zero,” a gain-of-function (GOF) animal experimenter at the Wuhan lab.
    4. DISQUALIFIED the Wuhan lab from getting any and all tax dollars. President Biden’s FBI says animal experiments in Wuhan caused the lab leak and pandemic.
    5. LAUNCHED the investigation and campaign to end the U.S. government’s last painful cat experiment—we’ve already closed every other one. 
    6. CUT the NIH’s abuse of dogs in its in-house labs by 95%. We’re proud to be the ONLY organization to close federal dog labs since 2007.
    7. INTRODUCED legislation to cut the rest of NIH’s wasteful spending on dog and cat experiments.
    8. SLASHED the FDA’s monkey business by 63%. No other group has shut down a government monkey lab—or any primate tests in the USAin nearly a decade.
    9. RETIRED 27 dogs, 12 sheep, 12 Guinea pigs, and 10 bunnies AND rallied bipartisan legislators to make adoption an option in all government labs.
    10. SECURED the historic audit confirming NIH wasted $2 billion on foreign animal labs and passed legislation prohibiting the feds from funding our enemies’ experiments.
    11. PASSED legislation to de-fund the Dept. of Veterans Affairs’ (VA) painful testing on dogs, cats, and primates, and the Dept. of Justice’s (DOJ) barbaric “live tissue training.”
    12. DEFEATED pandemic-causing GOF experiments on ferrets and other animals AND cut spending for all GOF experiments at home and abroad.
    13. WON free speech and Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuits against our government’s wasteful spending on piglet, primate, dog, and other animal testing labs.

And much, much more. We never get tired of winning.

We’re looking forward to winning even more in 2024.

WCW Wins of 2023

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