BUSTED BY WCW: Tax-Funded Cat Torture Chamber at U Rochester Violated Fed Law

Posted by Amanda Nieves
29 March 2024 | Blog


  • White Coat Waste (WCW) is a Project to get the U.S. government out of the cat-testing business.
  • Documents obtained by WCW reveal the nightmarish experiments in which white coats at the University of Rochester (UR) are deforming the eyes of healthy cats for their cruel and redundant experiments. The project has received $7M in taxpayer’s money.
  • In addition to torturing live cats, UR white coats have slaughtered countless healthy cats with the sole purpose of harvesting their eyeballs.
  • WCW has filed a federal complaint calling for this NIH-funded animal lab to be defunded and detailing how it broke federal law by not disclosing how it spent taxpayers’ money.

Our investigators have uncovered that the National Institutes of Health (NIH) has shipped over $7M since 2004 to the University of Rochester for deadly and wasteful experiments on cats. That’s nearly two decades of tax-funded torture.

The University of Rochester’s disturbing taxpayer-funded experiments uncovered by WCW include:

  • MUTILATING EYEBALLS: White coats destroy the eyes of cats with several different—but equally disturbing—techniques. They go to sleep with perfect vision and wake up confused by their impaired sense of sight.
  • SKULL IMPLANTS: Even worse, some will wake up with a metal post drilled into their skull. White coats will use this to immobilize the cats and force them to look at a computer screen.
  • NO DIGNITY AFTER DEATH: Once white coats are done experimenting on these poor souls, they kill them and rip out their vandalized eyeballs for further poking and prodding.

White coats exhausted many forms of eye injury on these innocent cats, including scraping, lasers, and complete corneal transplants.

Cat Torture Chamber at U Rochester

Cats are forced to keep their damaged eyes wide open so that white coats can conduct further experiments on them.

University of Rochester tortures cats

In many cases, perfectly healthy cats are killed so that white coats can experiment on their “freshly harvested” eyeballs. The lives of these animals are of no value to them.

Cat Torture Chamber at U Rochester

WCW investigators uncovered a haunting visual of how the cats’ eyeballs are used after being ripped from their bodies:

Cat Torture Chamber at U Rochester

We’ve also discovered that the University of Rochester’s wasteful white coats violated long-standing federal law by failing to publicly disclose how much taxpayer funding they spent torturing these cats. We caught them bragging about their disturbing experiments in a university news article—but they neglected to acknowledge the $7M of federal funds used to conduct them.

We’ve filed a federal complaint calling for U Rochester to be investigated and defunded. You can read more details in our complaint below.

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