WCW & BeagleGate Follow Fauci to Capitol Hill Hearing 

Posted by Amanda Nieves
31 May 2024 | Blog


  • Dr. Fauci is finally publicly testifying in front of Congress about funding dangerous experiments in Wuhan and covering it up
  • White Coat Waste Project and others are also urging Congress to force Fauci to answer about his dog testing cover-up in Tunisia and #BeagleGate
  • WCW’s viral BeagleGate campaign exposed how Fauci funded wasteful and cruel experiments on puppies in the US and abroad that included de-barking, infesting them with biting flies and ticks, poisoning puppies with experimental drugs, and other abuses
  • The Washington Post wrote that, “the White Coat Waste #beaglegate campaign in recent months created the biggest firestorm yet for Fauci.”
  • In early 2020, WCW was also the first group to uncover how Fauci shipped taxpayer dollars to the Wuhan animal lab for gain-of-function experiments that likely infected Patient Zero and caused COVID. 

On June 3, Dr. Fauci is testifying in front of Congress about the biggest animal testing scandal in history:  How—as White Coat Waste Project first exposed in early 2020—he conspired with the disgraced EcoHealth Alliance to violate a federal gain-of-function funding ban to foolishly fund dangerous animal experiments at the unaccountable Wuhan lab that likely infected Patient Zero and caused COVID. 

But that’s not the only Fauci animal testing scandal the public deserves answers about. 

Our ad truck will be circling Capitol Hill—where Fauci is testifying—and other popular D.C. destinations to remind Congress and taxpayers about WCW’s viral #BeagleGate campaign, which the Washington Post called “the biggest firestorm yet for Fauci.” 

In 2021, WCW broke BeagleGate, which uncovered how Fauci’s National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) wasted millions funding cruel and outdated experiments on beagle dogs and puppies in laboratories around the world, including his own labs in Washington, DC.  

WCW Fauci Ouchie Truck

We exposed how Fauci funded a lab in Tunisia that drugged beagles and locked their heads in mesh cages full of biting flies so they could eat them alive.  The heartbreaking photo of the abused dogs spread like wildfire and sparked widespread condemnation of Fauci. 

WCW Fauci Ouchie Truck

Wuhan wasn’t Fauci’s only animal testing cover-up. We also obtained emails and other internal documents revealing how, after our investigation caught fire, Fauci coordinated a cover-up with NIAID staff, the dog experimenters he funded, the press, and journal editors to disavow the project, discredit WCW, and mislead the public.  

Among other abuses, we also uncovered how Fauci wasted $1.68 million to fund totally unnecessary drug safety tests on 44 beagle puppies and paid extra to have their vocal cords cut out so they couldn’t bark or cry out in the lab. Democrats and Republicans in Congress confronted Fauci about this canine cruelty.

WCW Fauci Ouchie Truck

WCW Fauci Ouchie Truck 

In another #BeagleGate investigation, we exposed how Fauci gave experimenters $424,445 of taxpayer funds to infest 28 healthy beagle puppies with hungry, disease-infested black flies for vaccine tests. The group of the defenseless beagles–whom experimenters callously named after popular musicians and TV show characters, including Snoop Dogg, Eminem, Bon Jovi, and Monica, Phoebe, and Rachel from “Friends” – “vocalized in pain” during the tests, according to public records obtained by WCW. 

A WCW investigation obtained these photos from inside Dr. Fauci’s dog lab in Washington, DC that conducted maximum pain tests on beagles in which they had capsules full of biting flies strapped to their bare skin.

In 2022, we successfully stopped some of Fauci’s beagle tests, but sadly, his legacy lives on and we’re still working to clean up the mess.  

Documents obtained by WCW show that under Dr. Fauci (and still now after he’s gone), NIAID white coats have been conducting and funding even more painful and deadly sandfly experiments on abandoned pet hounds

WCW Fauci Ouchie Truck

WCW exposed how a Fauci-funded lab is still performing experiments on abandoned pet hounds who are rounded up, infested with flies and then killed and dissected.

NIAID is currently wasting millions to fund maximum pain tick infestation experiments initiated under Fauci in which hundreds of beagle puppies as young as four months old are being infested with mutant ticks and being denied any pain relief. 

Is this how you want your money spent? 

Tell your Congress members to cosponsor the PAAW Act to defund dog and cat abuse bankrolled with your tax dollars by the NIH. 


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