WCW Investigation Reveals Fauci-Funded COVID Experiments on Cats

Posted by Amanda Nieves
07 June 2024 | Blog


  • A new White Coat Waste Project investigation uncovered ongoing Fauci-funded experiments that infect cats with COVID and kill them
  • The project has wasted over $1.2 million to date and is scheduled to run through 2025
  • WCW recently exposed and ended another Fauci-funded kitten laboratory at UC-Davis
  • Fauci just admitted that he personally signed off on these wasteful and cruel animal tests
  • WCW is leading bipartisan efforts in Congress to defund all of Fauci’s cat and dog testing

In 2021, White Coat Waste Project’s viral #BeagleGate campaign uncovered how Dr. Anthony Fauci, former director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), bankrolled heinous beagle experiments in labs across the globe. In fact, WCW first uncovered Fauci’s barbaric beagle tests in 2016. We’ve been working with Republicans and Democrats in Congress since to end all Fauci-funded pet abuse and hold him accountable.

Just last week, in response to Congressional questioning about WCW’s investigations, Fauci admitted that he personally signed off on de-barking puppies, infesting them with biting insects, and more wasteful animal experiments:

Although Fauci is gone from government, WCW has not taken our foot off the gas because his legacy of wasteful animal experiments is alive and well at NIAID.

We just recently exposed and exterminated a Fauci-funded plan to revive discredited and deadly experiments that were going to force kittens to eat scrambled and infected mouse brains and then kill them. 

WCW investigators have now uncovered that Fauci’s NIAID has funded over $1.2 million worth of COVID experiments on cats at Cornell University since January of 2022.

Fauci-Funded Covid Experiments

This project has been active since 2021, and isn’t set to expire until 2025.

The Fauci-funded lab at Cornell University has been investigating whether cats can contract and transmit COVID-19, and just how severe the infection can become. Documents obtained by WCW via a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request reveal the disturbing details of these experiments; which include the death of, at the very least, 36 cats.

Fauci-Funded Covid Experiments

Cornell’s white coats have been wasting our tax dollars to infect healthy cats with COVID-19, watch them suffer through the infection for various lengths of time, and then kill them in groups of four every other day; as early as 2 days post-infection.

To make matters worse, 8 of these cats were killed without even being infected. White coats call this a “control” group; we call it taking innocent lives in vain.

Cats are kept completely isolated throughout the experiment, and documents WCW obtained via FOIA reveal the specific solitary confinement cells white coats used.

Fauci-Funded Covid Experiments

Records show that the cats were “donated” to Cornell University by disgraced lab-animal dealer Marshall BioResources (AKA “Clinvet”).

Fauci-Funded Covid Experiments

After further investigation, and a subsequent FOIA request, we also found that Cornell is double dipping, and receiving an additional $650,000 from the USDA for the same exact experiments.

Fauci-Funded Covid Experiments

A bipartisan fact-finding letter led by Rep. Nancy Mace (R-SC) recently cited WCW’s investigation into this cat-astrophic COVID lab.

Although Fauci’s role as director of NIAID has come to an end, we are not finished holding him accountable. WCW will continue investigating and exposing how the NIH spends our tax dollars, and we urge you to join our mission of eradicating ALL taxpayer-funded experiments on pets.

Tell Congress to pass the PAAW Act to cut funding for all NIH painful and deadly cat experiments!

The solution is simple:

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