WaPo finally admits WCW was right about Fauci’s beagle tests

Posted by Amanda Nieves
12 June 2024 | Blog


  • In a shocking turn of events, the Washington Post has admitted it published disinformation fed to it by NIH to discredit White Coat Waste Project and defend Fauci from our evidence that he funded beagle abuse in Tunisia.
  • The move came days after Congress confronted him about the beagle testing we exposed and Fauci admitted to Congress that he personally signed off the dog labs
  • Internal NIH records obtained by WCW prove that Fauci funded the Tunisian dog lab and that he was involved in a cover-up to mislead the media and public.
  • Within hours of Fauci complaining to colleagues he was being “bombarded by protests” over Beaglegate, the NIH fabricated a story that they were mistakenly cited as the funder, had the journal issue a correction, fed the fake news to WaPo, and worked to scrub the project from its website.


Three years after the Washington Post smeared White Coat Waste Project (WCW) on the cover of its print edition with a headline calling our Fauci dog testing investigation a “Fake Beagle Research Claim,” the paper has finally admitted that we were telling the truth all along.

In a new article, based on recently surfaced National Institutes of Health records obtained by WCW, WaPo now admits it published disinformation fed to it by Fauci and his NIH team to discredit us and defend Fauci.

The Post wrote this:

When an Associated Press reporter doing a fact check asked for proof that NIAID did not fund the project, one NIH official on Oct. 28 internally admitted it had none.

And this:

…documents call into question NIH’s statements at the time, part of what appears to be a bungled public relations response.

And admitted this:

NIH was not fully transparent as it tried to handle a public-relations nightmare.

In 2021, our #BeagleGate campaign first followed the money to Fauci’s Tunisian dog lab, where records we obtained proved that Fauci funded experiments on beagles who were drugged and locked in lab cages with biting flies to be eaten alive. Our BeagleGate investigations went viral and prompted bipartisan criticism of Fauci from Congress.

Rather than reporting the facts fairly, the Washington Post ran a series of articles in 2021 attempting to discredit WCW, distance the NIH from the Tunisian beagle lab, and defend Fauci from the truth we exposed about his disgraceful dog testing.

Fauci’s boss at the time, NIH Director Francis Collins, even told one of the WaPo reporters who spread the fake news about WCW, Fauci, and BeagleGate that we should be “brought to justice.”

Investigative journalists Glenn Greenwald and Leighton Woodhouse both reported on the suspicious NIH and WaPo misinformation campaign against WCW back in 2021.

After all, documents we obtained back in 2022 from the NIH through the Freedom of Information Act prove that Fauci funded experiments in Tunisia that drugged beagles and locked them in mesh cages to be eaten alive by sand flies. We’ve shared those with WaPo previously and they didn’t care.

More recently, we obtained internal NIH emails that show Fauci telling colleagues he was ‘bombarded by protests’ after WCW’s exposé and that he prompted a coordinated cover-up by NIAID staff, journal editors, dog experiments, and Post reporters to disavow—without a shred of actual evidence—Fauci’s funding of the dog abuse.

Washington Post admits disinformation

Documents we obtained from NIH show that within hours of Fauci complaining to colleagues he was being “bombarded by protests” over Beaglegate, his staff fabricated a story that they were mistakenly cited as the funder, had the journal that published the infamous beagle photo issue a correction, fed the fake news to WaPo, and worked to scrub the project from its website.

Washington Post admits disinformation

Now, three years later and days after Fauci admitted to Congress in response to questioning from Reps. Nicole Malliotakis (R-NY) and Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) that he personally signed off disgusting dog testing uncovered by WCW. The levee finally broke.


Following the Congressional hearing where MTG held up the infamous photo from the Fauci-funded Tunisian dog lab, WaPo’s fact-checker reached out to WCW in an attempt to once again do Fauci’s bidding and defend Fauci against WCW and MTG.

Instead, we provided the undeniable receipts detailing Fauci’s cover-up and how WaPo eagerly published NIH disinformation that they were aware had not been verified and that the paper’s reporters were happy to do the NIH’s bidding.

WaPo’s fact-checker couldn’t ignore the truth this time.

Washington Post admits disinformation

The breakthrough caught the attention of media outlets and public figures including Elon Musk, whose Fauci Beaglegate tweet has reached 45 million in just a few days.

Washington Post admits disinformation

As the Gateway Pundit, who first broke BeagleGate, wrote, “[Elon Musk’s] reference to ‘beagles’ traces back to an exclusive report from The Gateway Pundit in 2021. The report was based on findings by The White Coat Waste Project, a taxpayer watchdog group that advocates for reducing wasteful government spending on animal testing.

Since early 2020, we’ve received flak from the fact-checkers for being the very first investigators to uncover and expose NIH’s funding of both the Wuhan lab and #BeagleGate scandals. We’ve received flak from the establishment media who were desperate to defend NIH and Fauci against our historic work.

Well, as the old saying goes: ‘If you’re not catching flak, you’re not over the target.’

Now, history—and FOIA—has proven us right.

Fauci is the funding father of the government’s worst animal experiments, and even though he’s gone from government, we’re still mopping up his animal testing mess.

In 2022 we stopped Fauci’s wasteful $1.8 million drug tests on puppies, and last month we exposed and exterminated a Fauci-funded plan to revive wasteful kitten experiments that we got the Trump Administration to abandon five years ago. 

Our ongoing campaign has exposed how Fauci-funded experimenters are still paying for dogs—even abandoned pets—to be locked in cages and infested with flies and mutant ticks in maximum pain tests, puppies are being poisoned with experimental drugs, and cats are being infected with COVID.

Fauci’s legacy of wasteful spending on painful pet abuse lives on, and we’re proud to lead efforts to defund this depravity.

The solution is simple: 

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