Video Investigation: $35M NIH-funded lab electro-shocks cats

Posted by Amanda Nieves
03 July 2024 | Blog


  • A new WCW investigation reveals shocking experiments on cats funded by the National Institutes of Health (NIH)
  • This laboratory shocks cats with electric pulses to control their facial movements
  • Some cats have their nerves slashed with scissors before the experiment begins
  • WCW uncovered appalling video footage of these tests filmed at the University of California, Irvine (UC Irvine)
  • This investigation follows WCW’s closure of a lethal kitten lab at the University of California, Davis (UC Davis). UC Irvine obtained its cats from UC Davis’s breeding colony.
  • UC Irvine’s barbaric experiments were funded by a portion of an NIH grant. Active since 2015, this wasteful spending has cost taxpayers $35 million.
  • UC Irvine intends to expand this experiment using an even larger group of cats.


White Coat Waste Project (WCW) is a bipartisan campaign to expose and close the US government’s cat experimentation business. Most recently, WCW pressure forced UC Davis to discontinue its lethal toxoplasmosis tests on cats.

Now, we’re putting a target on the back of another University of California campus: UC Irvine.

One America News: WCW INVESTIGATION: NIH Funds UC Irvine Lab To Electro-Shock Cats For ‘Experimental Science’

WCW’s newest investigation revealed that UC Irvine has subjected dozens of cats to nightmarish experiments – and took videos of the torture. NIH-funded white coats slash cats’ nerves, insert needle electrodes into various muscles and nerves in their body, and shock them repeatedly to control their muscle movements like puppets.

In a series of disturbing experiments, cats have needle electrodes implanted into their muscles and nerves so that white coats can shock them and control their facial movements. The wires were gathered and pulled through a hole drilled into the top of the cats’ skull.

UC Irvine Cat Investigation

Actual photo of the inch-long needle electrode inserted into the cats’ bodies

Apathetic white coats at UC Irvine took videos of the torture, and WCW investigations uncovered the disturbing footage:

Several cats have their nerves mutilated before experiments begin. Some nerves are crushed with a clamp, while others are sliced with scissors.UC Irvine Cat Investigation

In another series of experiments, cats had their throats sliced open and electrodes attached to muscles and nerves that control their ability to swallow, breathe, and vocalize. NIH-funded white coats then shock them with electric pulses for months before killing them.

Even worse, the lab admits that cats and humans do not have the same throat anatomy. A shameful waste of innocent lives and tax dollars.

UC Irvine Cat Investigation

And where does UC Irvine get specimens? UC Davis. (Yes. Davis. THAT Davis).

Turns out, the Irvine lab obtains cats from the Davis lab’s in-house breeding colony.

UC Irvine Cat Investigation

These barbaric experiments were funded by a portion of an NIH grant to UC Irvine, active since 2015, costing taxpayers a whopping $35 million.

UC Irvine Cat Investigation

UC Irvine white coats intend to continue this torture on an even larger number of cats – and will likely ask the NIH for more of our tax dollars to pay for it.

UC Irvine Cat Investigation

We’re on a mission to stop them. You can help.

USE YOUR VOICE: Demand Congress pass the bipartisan Preventing Animal Abuse and Waste Act. It de-funds 100% of painful cat (and dog) tests funded and run by the NIH. 

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